Happy New Year

•January 14, 2008 • 6 Comments

Hopefully we’ll be back soon with regular gossip updates.

•September 1, 2007 • 2 Comments

Pst. We’re still here…but the gossip is not. Got a story for us? Email! Scribbulus[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk!

Harry Potter musical?

•August 26, 2007 • 11 Comments

The Mirror (that oh-so-reliable news source) is reporting today that there are plan for a Harry Potter musical. Casting agencies are supposedly on the lookout for a young chap to play the part of Harry.

They’re also looking for a ‘big name’ writer to write the score. May we suggest “Harry Potter – superstar! Rescued by Hagrid on a Yamaha!“?

(Apologies for the late report. We did report this several days ago but for some reason it got sent to ‘drafts’. Bother.)

Rupert Grint video interview

•August 22, 2007 • 11 Comments

A short video interview with Rupert Grint at V Festival is now online. See his snazzy goggles! See his Elvis impersonation! Hear his impression of a can of squirty cream! I knew there was a reason I always liked Rupert….

Click pic for vid link!


JK crime novel update!

•August 20, 2007 • 2 Comments

So. It turns out the detective novel story was completely false. Oh, what a surprise!  Like we didn’t see that one coming or anything.

When contacted, Ian Rankin said “This is a joke that got out of hand“. He should know better than to joke about something so deathly, DEATHLY serrrrrious.

Emma & Tom – video

•August 20, 2007 • 20 Comments

A short (18 second) but sweet video made, presumably, on someone’s mobile phone shows Emma Watson and Tom Ducker walking through a park on their recent holiday together in France.


Click the screen grab to check it out!

Tom Felton goes carp fishing.

•August 20, 2007 • 48 Comments

Tom Felton is currently over in New York making an appearance at the Junior Carp Fishing Championship and a video turned up on a news site making us giggle. A lot.


Don’t know why this is so downright hilarious but it is.

You can watch a video of his discussing the joys of fishing and helping children to fish here.

Grint n’ Phelps go to V.

•August 20, 2007 • 10 Comments

Rupert Grint and Oliver Phelps (is it Oliver? Who can tell them apart? Aren’t they just one entity anyway?) attended the Virgin music festival in Chelmsford yesterday.


You can see some pictures of them and the far-too-tiny-for-Oliver VIP tents here. Rupert looked suitably festival-y scruffy while Oliver selected a pair of smart beige chinos for the event. Has the kid…been to a festival before?!

Sigh. What a great life it must be. Running around a magical castle, flying on brooms and camping in mini-Teletubby land tents at festivals.

It’s a criiiime

•August 19, 2007 • 2 Comments

Sooo, a rumour is out that JK Rowling is now writing a crime novel. Probably absolute nonsense but she’s apparently been spotted in the cafe in which she writes (by Ian Rankin’s wife of all people) working on a crime novel. How someone could deduce this by looking at her across a table as they order a latte and a shortbread we cannot begin to imagine. We don’t think for one moment she has any such work on display or wears “I’m writing a crime novel” t-shirts.

Last we heard, she’s writing a fairy story for younger audiences.

You thought Snape was greasy…?

•August 17, 2007 • 11 Comments

…Well, he’s nothing compared to the Harry Potter sculpture made out of butter! This is possibly the best Harry Potter news article all year. We have no words to describe the sheer stupidity but it speaks for itself – just roll with it. “Roll with it”…”butter”….geddit?


Read full story here.