Alec Hopkins makes great chipseller.

(image: Harry Latino)

Evidently, even in a wig seemingly crafted from the tails of plague rats, Alec Hopkins is clearly far to good looking to be a convincing young Snape

This arrives with almost impeccible timing as Rickman finally crosses the line between ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘past it’ by daring to turn 61 years of age a few days ago, leaving us to choose between cradle-snatching and a need to master the art of necromancy. Decisions, decisions.

caramel is so not your colour.
(pic: bbc newsround)


~ by scribbulus on February 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Alec Hopkins makes great chipseller.”

  1. I think I nearly wet myself laughing. This is both true and hysterical.

  2. no no no no!!!! alan rickman is still georgeous, and i hate the way snape is made really ugly. he is sex and j k rowling knows it.

  3. Alan Rickman will ALWAYS be the sexiest man on earth!

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