Let’s inflate our aunts!


First he dares to own genitalia, now Daniel Radcliffe’s character dares smokes on stage during Equus causing a massive outcry with people who have apparently blended their own brains. This charming piece goes so far as to suggest young kids will be influenced to smoke themselves after seeing Radcliffe in EquusKids seeing Equus?! Apparently it’s not a problem that the Harry Potter character steals cars or drinks (butter) beer…
God forbid he also influences these kids to, you know, read plays they normally wouldn’t or get in to acting themselves. Oh, the sedition.


~ by scribbulus on February 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Let’s inflate our aunts!”

  1. Kind of different to see him smoking, but glad to see he’s branching out…He’s just trying to further his career after they stop making Harry Potter movies.

  2. good luck to him I say. give the guy a fag!

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