To be sure…


According to this article, parts of the next HP film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, are to be filmed in Ireland. What are they thinking!? Where is the one place in the world you wouldn’t take a cast of kids who’ve literally just turned 18 and legally free to purchase as much alcohol as they desire? Yup! The country where there are so many pubs there are no more pub licenses available. Half-blood? Half-cut more like…

This should be fun.


~ by scribbulus on February 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “To be sure…”

  1. Ha! They already drink loads in England. I’ve seen many a pic with Emma downing beer… and not the buttery kind.

  2. They are drunks

  3. hey F*ck U im irish and frinking isnt hugly as bad as it would seem you english arent all that better either

  4. ye fuck off! ireland is class i’m irish

  5. im irish too whoever wrote this article is an ignorant prick who watches too much t.v youre a stupid tit if u think everyone in ireland are alcoholics. get some sense u twat

  6. i bet youre american! your cuntry is stupid. and by the way nobody in ireland says to be sure! u fuckin muppet

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