…and the award for best dressed goes to…

(image: neville-longbottom.co.uk)

Whoa. Looking at the pictures of the HP kids at the First Light awards, it can only be concluded that Matt Lewis is on growth hormones. Give the kid some Oil of Olay for the next film because we’re struggling to believe he’s human let alone a 16 year old school kid. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Katie and Bonnie both look like they’re 5 years old and been snapped playing dress up in the school’s fancy dress cupboard. View more pics here.


~ by scribbulus on February 27, 2007.

13 Responses to “…and the award for best dressed goes to…”

  1. Holy crap…talk about growth spurt…I didn’t even recognize him at first….

  2. Seriously.

    We did a triple take here, I swear.

  3. holy wow. It took me a minute to figure out who that was despite what you said about him. Bonnie’s looking good; Katie too.

  4. Wow.

    He is FIT. I would trade him in for my bf anyday. He is so not Neville in my view. This guy is sexy!

    Now excuse me whilst I drool some more and continue eating my chedders.

  5. it’s better if matt doesn’t bare his teeth though, isn’t it?

  6. OMG!!! is that really him??? he is looking really good! and the girls look awsome in those outfits!

  7. zhullz: I was sooo going to say that till i read it. That is so true. HE LOOKS LIKE A MAN! LIKE A 30YEAR OLD MAN! I am amazed. He’s looking good.

  8. WOW! Matt looks like jhon travolta and the girls’ clothes are AWESOME!

  9. oh my zeus i had no idea that was him until i read the name. did he grow upp. i always liked neville i thought he was cutee.

  10. O.M.G W.T.F HAPPENED!!! he is so HOT!!! now holy crap i always thought he was adorable but what happened he went from adorable to HOT!!!! im in shock he’s sexy woah… never thought i’d say that about neville wow…still in shock – he’s HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I always knew it LOL he would turn to a be a real HOTTIE *drool.drool*

  12. Matt Lewis And Jet Li should be in a movie together,anyone else with me on this?

    Oh,and Bonnie Wright Is P.H.A.T!

  13. matt looks like he’s already in his 20’s..
    katie is cute in her dress..but the dress,its not great.also for bonnie,she looks pretty there,just her dress..tsk2.

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