Draco’s a doll.

oh. my. god
(picture: tonner dolls)

Tonner dolls released some of their new products at NY Comic Con the other day, including this Draco Malfoy abomination. Did someone think maybe Draco Malfoy did not look bad enough in the films? “Hey, let’s just make it worse!” someone thought. Draco is now very tired and had hit the bleach bottle big time. Even though his mother still knits his jumpers a few sizes too big, Draco’s eyes already show the signs of pain, tiredness, bleach burn and many a potion too many. Yours today for a mere $129.99.

View full size image here and the rest of the collection here. If you dare.


~ by scribbulus on February 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Draco’s a doll.”

  1. :| I can’t comment but I can emote :|

  2. FREAKING SWEET!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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