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Well, Daniel Radcliffe certainly looks happy at the VIP party for Equus‘ opening despite drinking orange juice all night while the others supped on fine champagne. Equus got rave reviews and a standing ovation for Daniel.

Since the full frontal nude shot is pretty much certainly fake, for those who are older and fascinated by Daniel’s REAL naked body (yawn!) click the read more link to read what a member of the audience had to say on Dan’s bits….

Perez Hilton’s informant in the UK said of Daniel’s private bits:

“The frank was not impressive at all, but the beans were. He kept pulling on it when he had his back to the audience. Bless his heart! He has bigger balls than I do! You could not pay me to do that!”

(pssst. we see your search terms, visitors! so if you came for the nudey pic, click here)


~ by scribbulus on February 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “Horseplay.”

  1. Why does Vernon look like a rabbit in this particular photo? lol =p

  2. The horse guy kills me. He looks SO serious.

  3. He’s kind of cute, though

  4. :O!

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