Exclusiiiive: 20 seconds of Warwick Davis’ life.


 If you could steal 20 seconds of the fabulous Warwick Davis’ (Professor Flitwick) life what would you do? Drill him for answers about HP, of course, and he was kind enough to do just that for us. Set watches…and…go!

What was most memorable about filming Order of the Phoenix?
The whole filming of ‘Order of the Phoenix’ was amazing with so many stars and such a good script and an amazing story line, just couldn’t pick out 1 or 2 special moments…the whole filming was just so good.”

Are you looking forward to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?
I was in to J.K. Rowling’s books about Harry Potter long before I was offered the part of  Professor Flitwick and I’ve loved reading every one since then. So, yes, I’m really looking forward…like you…to the next book.”

And what do you think is in store for Professor Flitwick?
I have no idea what is in store for Professor Flitwick in the new book but I’m looking forward to finding out!”

…and he’ll never get that time back. Oh, and anyone in Holland hoping he’ll be back at Elf Fantasy this year, sorry, he told us he doesn’t think he’ll make it due to filming commitments eventhough he’d love to.  Look for more ’20 seconds’ here soon.

~ by scribbulus on February 28, 2007.

39 Responses to “Exclusiiiive: 20 seconds of Warwick Davis’ life.”

  1. I saw him at the elf fantasy fair in holland last year and he just seemed so down to earth with a great sense of humor. Shame he won’t be there this year, thanks for putting this up!

  2. Who cares? He’s a dwarf. Not elf.

  3. I think that is really rude of you to say he is a dwarf and not an elf! He is still a person and a really nice one at that, shame about your personality!

  4. You’re a huge muggle…dwarves and elves all make up the world of fae and your comment is a good example of your stupidity! Mr. Warwick is an awesome actor and person who deserves a little respect!

  5. He you meanies…he was in Star Wars! That in itself is pretty freakin’ sweet. I think he is super!

  6. shut up gay boi he is a goblin u dumb ass

  7. cum on then u want beats ???

  8. cum on then u want beats ???

  9. […] 8th, 2007 in Contributors. The actor who plays Prof. Flitwick in Harry Potter spoke in a brief, new interview about his character, the OOTP movie, and Deathly Hallows. “I was in to J.K. Rowling’s books about […]

  10. he’s a person guys..not some creature.

  11. Warwick will always be Willow to me. WAR WILLOW!

  12. Warwick Davis is an accomplished actor. He has been in numerous movies, so whether you like him or not doesn’t really matter to those of us who do. Your childish views aren’t acknowledged.

  13. I take it back… The elf/dward, who-cares comment. Great actor even if in HP he has the most bizarre haircut out of all the characters in all movies ever made…

  14. My favorite was when he played in WILLOW.

  15. all you elves and dwarves can give me some tea and some baggin because i dont give a sh*t about your muggle nuts

  16. good one about the teabagging

  17. Negative comments have no value outside of your own head. I hope you all are treated with kindness and consideration, even respect. If you wish to show your disdain for a paid performer the BEST way to do so is by not patronizing their work.

  18. every character of hp series is so sweet.filtwick is one of them

  19. I think he seems like a good person elf or drawf so be nice guys

  20. Warwick Davis rocks all your socks. the end.

  21. he’s a little baby dwarf and i make more money than him

  22. people are so rude

  23. u people are so rude! flickwick is awesome!!!!

  24. Warwick needs more lines and screen coverage, if you ask my opinion (which I note they’re not), he has great talent if they would only provide the limelight…
    As for the teabagging… get a hobby people!!!!!!!!

  25. Oh, and ‘dan rad’ who makes more money than Warwick… go get yourself teabagged…

  26. i thought he was a leprechaun? hmmm… oh well, either way, i love his guts! you go little buddy!!!

  27. Oh mon dieu! People are very rude now a days

  28. He is a human being. Period. Lay off the racism

  29. Every single one of you are the most ignorant, self-absorbed, fucking retarded people I have had the misfortune to meet, and I have nothing further to say.

  30. Mr. Davis has been in Time Bandits, Return of the Jedi, Labyrinth, Willow, the Harry Potter movies, Ray, and a host of other films.
    How many actors have a better resume than that?

  31. i simply love him..n mind u all headless brainless guys..everyones specia; cause we all are made by God!and none of His creation could be less than the other!

  32. Just ignore those idiots. They only want attention. Anyway, I’m really looking fowarding seeing other movies with Warwick Davis playing as the main character. That man got talent!

  33. leave the man alone at least he can say he made something with his life,no matter what anyone says i myself would like to meet the man and shake his hand,anyone who can take this abuse of envious people and for a man in such small stature can adapt to any acting conditions that is placed before him.good luck warwick. from someone who watches many a movie.and would greatful to watch on the set of a movie

  34. Along with many a Warwick fan who has responded so far, I would just like to register my complete outrage at some of the dispicable comments that have been posted on this board. Shame on you. Shame on you all.

    Warwick Davies is THE most significant acting talent in film history. Fact.

    From the highlights of Willow to the lesserlights of the Leprachaun, Warwick has continued to turn in performance after performance, bringing credibility to even the smallest of roles. I can say with no shame that Willow consistently brought me to tears, not to mention his unbelievable performance in the lead role of the timeless classic, 3 Men and a Little Baby.

    To all you naysayers who doubt the wimsical talent that is Warwick davies, I would like to see you act half as well as this pint sized powerhouse. Comments regarding his appearence can only be described as disgusting, barbaric, ignorent and unjustified (except for those regarding his abnormally large hands. Eerie. Really eerie).

    I love you Warwick Davies. If I was a female I would gladly be the mother of your children, and can only hope that some day the wonders of cosmetic surgery will bring me closer to this dream.

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  36. […] site Scribbulus fez uma “Entrevista de 20 segundos” com Warwick Davis, o ator que interpreta o Prof. Filio […]

  37. He looks so different in real life!

  38. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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