In for a penny…


Slow news day. So Daniel Radcliffe has officially signed on to do the last two Harry Potter films as expected, drawing a sigh of relief from all corners of the Earth. Shortlived, sadly, as our seekers in America realise that this means any chances of Equus and a glimpse of Dan’s golden snitch on Broadway any time soon get more and more remote…


~ by scribbulus on March 2, 2007.

13 Responses to “In for a penny…”

  1. i’d love a glimpse of his golden snitch!

    i feel like a right fangirl

  2. hell i’d love to fucking catch it ;)

  3. i’d love to seek it.
    i want to ride on his broomstick.

  4. Robyn, now now,
    let me have him first ;) aye

  5. now now you two stop fighting over potters package…its mine

  6. well
    y’know what
    he’ll enjoy me more ;)
    i’m more his height ^o)

  7. :O
    im short but shhh
    or i shall steal your blue ipod!

  8. no, i need it
    it has his nakey pics on it

  9. hah. well you both know i’m going to get him.

    hah we sound like well crazed fans.

    wait a sec, i am a crazed fan.
    i actually love him :]

  10. exactly! part of the reason i want it!
    we sooo need to see the new film the minute it comes out

  11. i will believe me haha.

  12. we should all go together

    could you imagine, us fangirls
    with a cinema full of little kids


    we’d get kicked out haha


  13. haha.
    if they tried to get us kicked out.
    i’d tell them to stuff it and say”i played bloody good money for this film fuck off”
    haha x

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