Daniel gets shy!


It would seem that Daniel Radcliffe is suddenly, and selectively, incredibly shy about exactly who he shows his broomstick to. He’s apparently begged the rest of the HP cast not to come and see Equus because he doesn’t want them to see him naked and, we guess, endure the on set giggles that would naturally ensue every time he got astride a broomstick. Rupert Grint is apparently hugely relieved, saying “He told us he didn’t want us at the play. I was glad because it would be a little weird and uncomfortable to see“.  



~ by scribbulus on March 4, 2007.

10 Responses to “Daniel gets shy!”

  1. Oh I can’t help but laugh. At least they’re all being honest… although he my want the girls to stay away so he can have a chance with them.

  2. thank god! at least he’s shy.it was unpleasant to see his naked pictures

  3. i think it was smart of him to ask his friends not to come to the play becuase is it was me i would have said the same things to my friends :)

  4. i also agree with his decision because even i wouldnt want to see my favrite actors broomstick.

  5. aaw. poor guy. shy. i actually thought those naked pictures were real! but he’s shy. that’s co cute

  6. happy bday daniel! i think it’s his bday today. ok i dont care. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

  7. hey Dan!!1 hppy birthday sEXYY!!

  8. Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

  9. haha, now thats hilarious! well, i’d do that to if i were him… i heard in equus, that he molests horses as well as women, but i hope its not true, thats kinda disgusting

  10. This isn’t true. Give me a break. Rupert Grint and Dan Radcliffe have been acting in the same series of movies together for years now. They must have changed clothes in front of each other at some point.

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