Various other Equus updates…


Firstly, it would seem Richard Griffiths has been ill with the flu and unable to perform in Equus recently, being replaced by a less than competant understudy. Flu must be going around because Maggie Smith had to miss the first preview show of The Lady of Dubuque for the same reason. Ho hum, indeed.

Also, we have another snippet on the appearance of Daniel’s naughty bits (which we know you all love). A source from reports that Radcliffe’s little Daniel is “nothing more than average”. “Maybe it was cold up on the stage but it wasn’t anything special,” their spy says. “When he had his back to the audience he pulled on it a bit to make it appear bigger.” And if you really need to know – they tell us Radcliffe is uncircumcised.



~ by scribbulus on March 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Various other Equus updates…”

  1. I can’t think of anythnig to say to that.
    He pulled on it?!?! He’s 16 poor little thing… really. Poor little thing.

  2. pulled on it. so now his play is nothing short of a wank on stage?

  3. please get me out of this ‘NIGHTMARE’

  4. so is this a play or a movie???

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