Rupert gets papped.


A video from the NME awards ceremony has turned up on the Sun’s website. It includes a couple of seconds of Rupert Grint getting photographed on the red carpet, looking slightly dazzled by paparazzi and getting his t-shirt out for the lads. You can view it here, by selecting “celebs before NME awards” in the menu to the right.

~ by scribbulus on March 6, 2007.

9 Responses to “Rupert gets papped.”

  1. He’s so cute!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i like all of his styles!!!!!

  4. I love his hair!!!! very cute

  5. he is sooo cuuute!! love his hair.. cuuute!

  6. ilusm ur so so so hotttttt!!! i love u a lot i wanna get to meet u some day i love u a lot!!!!!!!!!!

  7. His style is very interesting and I love it!

  8. he’s hot!!

  9. Awww!
    He is ever so cute, im gonna be hunting around for a jacket like that…I LOVE RUPERT

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