Snape : Action Man

(image: cards inc)

Ohyeaaah. What we’ve really been waiting for all year has finally arrived. The first previews of the Severus Snape action figure from Cards inc. have turned up on their website. We personally hand-selected the best shot to show you (the neo-nazi pose with over-sized head and riding crop-like wand) but you can see the rest on their site here if you promise not to wet your trousers in excitement. Simply sit him on your bedside table at night for guaranteed Kafka dreams. We are so there.

~ by scribbulus on March 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Snape : Action Man”

  1. The NECA action figure is BY FARRRR more life-like to Alan Rickman than this plastic toy is. I’m buying the NECA figure instead. I want the closest thing to Alan Rickman on my dresser, not something similar.

  2. This is a pretty scary action doll…looks like it should be a Voodooo doll…

  3. I’m a spam message.

  4. I agree with previous response in that I too want the NECA “ALAN RICKMAN” Snape on my nightstand! Much more closely resembles OUR Snape, the Alan Snape.

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