What’s going on?

JK’s Army website has set up a petition (on a suggestion from JK’s lawyer) to ask fans to lend their support in JK’s fight against Ebay fraud. Or, in other words, help to strengthen a case they don’t…seem to have. While we’re wholly against Ebay fraud and support JK’s case fully, we reported here a week ago that according to Ebay officially, Jo does NOT have an injunction against them despite every HP site we’ve looked at saying otherwise. So what’s going on?

You can sign here if you wish to get involved in the whole messy situation.


~ by scribbulus on March 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “What’s going on?”

  1. i know that i am a complete loser compared to Harry Potter (or whatever the guy who plays the Harry Potter character is named)…but the whole posing naked with a horse photo shoot that he recently did was quite weird.

  2. y wood u pose naked next 2 a horse? I guess sum cood say y not? but i personally wood choose sumthin else if i was gonna pose naked. i guess im just an oddity

  3. Those images are promotional shots for a play he’s in featuring horses. Google on Equus.

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