Who’s that doll??


Potter gossip is slow today so we thought instead, we’d have some fun! Yay. More specifically, fun with this nifty and addictive little online tool which allows you to upload your face and see who you look the most like.

What better way to test the latest Harry Potter dolls, eh? Lets see if they look anything like they should…

First up, albino Draco Malfoy:
74% match with Mischa Barton.


Next up, Schnape:
57% match with J.D Salinger


…and finally, the Weasley Twins:
No face detected. Surprised? We weren’t either.


~ by scribbulus on March 9, 2007.

9 Responses to “Who’s that doll??”

  1. awesome! I have 2 small boys — they got 68% Kirsten Dunst and 67% Geri Halliwell.

  2. they are fantastic

  3. I got a 58% match for JK Rowling herself! (Unfortunately, the top match was for Patrick Stewart.) The site draws from 26 different photos of JKR, so the chances are good that YOU can be JKR too!

  4. Draco doll matched Mischa Barton. cool! hahaha

  5. wow! I got 96% Katherine Heigl

    next up was Rachel Bilson & Mandy Moore with 86%

  6. whats the site link so i can try it…

  7. LOl i have done this before and i look like Avril Lavigne 76% Meridith Monroe 73% Penelope Cruz 72% Reese Witherspoon 70% and Natalie Imbruglia 63% wooo!

  8. nevim sice o co tu ide ale aj thaQ sem pisem keby nahodu volado rozumi nech napise na mail 12nanuska12@azet.sk….daQujem :D papa

  9. oprava toho mailu: 12nanuska12@azet.sk …..taQto to ma byt :D

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