JK Ebayfight update!


Well, the petition makes sense now. It appears that Ebay/Bazee beat JK’s lawyers’ petition with one of their own yesterday resulting in the Delhi High Court issuing notice to JK alleging that the author was misleading the media in a book-piracy case. Justice A K Sikri asked their reports to be filed back by March 14th. So, they’re fighting a petition with a petition. Yo, we feel all misled.

We’re all in support of JK’s case but we don’t think it’s much to ask to know the full story if we’re being asked to step in and become actively involved ourselves. Nevermind Ebay misleading kids with pirated books, now kids are being pulled in to fight an argument they know nothing about. While the petition itself is great and demands great things, will the signatures be used for the right reasons?


Scribbulus contacted the creator of the petition who assures us that this petition is wholly unrelated to the court case. She told us that she created it herself and it will be sent to Ebay and not go through JK’s lawyers. Just why Mugglenet mentioned she was contacted by JK’s lawyer before making the petition and pushing it as supporting JK’s case is beyond us. 

~ by scribbulus on March 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “JK Ebayfight update!”

  1. Hi. I think jk rowling is a very unique writer and i love her writing and her. i completely loved the harry potter series. i think shes worth more than the queen of england. if you see this post email me at nbadam1995@aol.com

  2. I THINK HER LAST BOOK WAS THE MOST CONFUSSING BOOK SHE WROTE, iT WAS DIFFICULT TO READ AND MADE NO SENSE. She should stopped after her last one. This one jumped from thing to thing.

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