Wanna lick the Weasley’s backsides?

(picture: universharrypotter)

…Well, now you can because they’ve made it on to a set of French postage stamps. We weren’t going to report this since it’s not all that interesting, but couldn’t resist the “backside” comment. Actually, there’s a nice new shot of the Weasley twin’s exit scene which looks pretty swish and some other images from the upcoming OoTP film. They all unfortunately look like someone has spilt coffee over them but the font they use is very Edward Gorey-ish and thusly passes our rigorous thumbs up test (which consisted of us all sipping tea, glancing over them and shrugging our shoulders at each other).

Check all the images out over at HPFZ’s galleries – very smart people may note the images are of notebooks and not stamps at all but we feel we should question such deep mysteries not.


~ by scribbulus on March 11, 2007.

10 Responses to “Wanna lick the Weasley’s backsides?”

  1. I am deeply upset that the Dursleys get shortchanged in each of the movies. I realize this has nothing to do with the stamps, but this post brought my rage to mind XD

  2. Your title for this post is pretty amazing.

  3. Do I get to pick which Weasley? OMFG at your post title.

  4. AWSOME!! and I’ll be in France too!! I so have got to buy them. Love the title by the way, that caught my attention real quick!

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  9. No thank you,I do not like ginny weasley in either a romantic or ‘Dirty’ way,so no thanks!

    But why does the actors and actresses for the dursleys seem to give us BAD performances in the First 5 movies,when they should be tolerable by now?

  10. If you want to frighten all your enemies then you can only do it with these Hulk Smash hands. They will look like Bumblebee and look like him too. If you’re confused as to what the boys and girls you know want for Christmas toys, Crayola Crayon Town might just fill the bill.

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