EXCLUSIVE: Statement to us from JK’s lawyer.


Sooo, this Ebay court case business is a messy one, eh? The media report that JK Rowling has an injunction against Ebay while Ebay strongly refute this claim and accuse JK‘s lawyers of misleading the media.

Ebay have made an official statement on the matter, however, no official statement has been made from JK’s camp as of yet.

So we contacted JK’s lawyer to find out what was going on and have been told:

“As this matter is still subject to court proceedings other than to say that we defend the statements about the injunction we have made, we are not in a position to provide further comment at this time.”

So there you have it straight from the horse’s mouth. They seem to say JK Rowling does have an injunction against Ebay. Someone’s lying! How thrilling…

~ by scribbulus on March 12, 2007.

14 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Statement to us from JK’s lawyer.”

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  2. Harry Potter Sucks

  3. i think harry potter is a sikk movie and a sikk book buh to think about it j.k rowling is wierd there is summat bout er dat i dnt likeee

  4. harry potter is the BEST!!Damn them saying its a crap!!

  5. Its the best movie and book among all nation!! So what all the critics said? We still love HARRY POTTER though!!

  6. Jk rowling is not a freaky or weird person!! She’s the great!!

  7. Harry Potter and it’s creator and genius, we are not worthy! *bows*

  8. There are more people in the world who like Harry Potter than despice. I actually love the Harry Potter series and to those on here who don’t like Harry Potter you must have been looking it up or something to have comments on here about it!!! Harry Potter is awsome!!

  9. Harry Potter isnt just a book or a series of movies,its a total way of LIFE for the majority in the planet!! Whoever doesnt like it has to get a book for themselves.. I would advice them to start from book 1, and THEN say what u have to say..

  10. I simply love the books, the have made my childhood better. They are the best, I’m not so trilled about the movies though, the are full of errors. And they can never be as good as the books, so why bother making them.

  11. I love harry potter books & movies they’re awesome as for J.K Rowling being “wierd” thats what makes her awesome i do’nt see you writing award winning books that go global!!!! and if you do’nt like harry potter why are you on this site? I love all the harry potter movie cast especially Rupert Grint you guys rock!!!

  12. I have it on good authority that J.K. Rowlings butt stinks.

  13. I wish Gary Oldman would marry me!!!!!

  14. to “Jay”: you suck.

    to “Garner Lewis”: you suck stink butts.

    so shut up.

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