Fangtastic new HP sweets


Mmm-mm! Some delicious news to give all you little vampires fang rot. Cap Candy have released some new Harry Potter sweets. You can now snap up Blood Pops, cherry flavoured lollipops that will turn your tongue bright red and Jelly Slugs, in 4 different flavours. Not as fun as feeding unsuspecting aunts sardine flavoured Bertie Botts, but as soon as we get our greedy mitts on some we’ll review them for you. If you beat us to it, drop us a mail and let us know how they taste.


~ by scribbulus on March 13, 2007.

One Response to “Fangtastic new HP sweets”

  1. I personally love the blood pops… they are good… but not worth the money you have to pay for them… no offence but the HP candy needs to go down in price

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