EXCLUSIVE: OotP film review!


Yup. Another review of the upcoming Order of the Phoenix film preview in Chicago as we promised – written especially for us. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Click ‘continue reading’ below to read the full review.

Harry Potter The Order of the Phoenix

I will preface by stating I am someone who has never read a Harry
Potter book. I do enjoy skipping ahead to watching the films. I am
sure a die-hard HP fan will pummel me for saying this.  I apologize
in advance.

The film is going to be a huge success. I will first state the SFX and
music were not final.  But that didn’t stop this film from being kick-

Ahhh, Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter is growing up quickly and this movie is certainly the
one to debut his raging hormones and first kiss as he crushes on
fellow classmate Cho. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. In
Order of the Phoenix, a bizarre prophecy is unveiled, setting in motion the
training sessions for Dumbledore’s Army and revealing to us Harry and his
friends have really come into their own.

Prompted by Hermione and Ron, Harry is convinced to conduct training
sessions with his fellow and eager classmates. Unfortunately for the
young wizards, they are left to defend themselves after a change in
the curriculum — thanks to Professor Umbridge’s ministry-approved course of
defensive magic and Cornelius Fudge. I really enjoyed the training scenes.
We spend a lot of the film in the secret room which was amusing because
Umbridge is desperately trying to locate a way to catch the young rebels
red-handed. Speaking of red-handed, one of my favorite disturbing scenes is
the sheer torture method Dolores uses to punish Harry and all the others.
She does this by making the student write with a special pen and as they
write the lines over and over, the words are literally carved into their
hand. COOL! Umbridge, ughh, what a wretched character. Although, played out
very well by newcomer Imelda Stauton. I loved to hate her.

I was surprised to see in this film most of the main characters from
prior HP films did not have much screen time. With exception to
Sirius Black. But that’s ok; you will be thrilled to know Fred, George and
Ginny Weasley did appear quite frequently from beginning to
end. It was great to see the Weasley bros wreak havoc and really show
that that can be a part of the gang as much as their brother Ron. You
are in for a treat.

The one character that did bug me was Hagrid’s brother who looked
more like the cartoon character featured on the cover of the
legendary MAD comics. I am not sure if he was a placeholder, but I do
hope they don’t leave him as is. It was odd to me that Hagrid had
hardly any airtime, which really bummed me out.

There were also some really cool flashback scenes from when Potter
was a child learning about his truth. And also some disturbing ones,
as Harry’s teenage version father is portrayed as being a total bully
to young Snape. Hmmmmm…

Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) always impresses, as does Luna Lovegood (Evanna
Lynch). There is no sign of weak acting in this film, everyone adds
something to the film and once the SFX and music are in place I would love
to watch again just to compare what changes. After some diligent editing
this film is going to flow smoothly and you will want to see it again and

Thankyou so much to Jess who blogs here!

~ by scribbulus on March 15, 2007.

12 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: OotP film review!”

  1. Gee, thanks for another great review of the OotP movie! It’s always great to see a different review every time. I saw the teaser trailer and that was pretty impressive and when I read the review I can’t wait to see the movie!

  2. Ahh I’m so happy the movie is going to be good (I’ll take your word for it =D )because this is my favourite book in the series. it’s also nice to see my favourite character Ginny coming into her own in the movie as she will be a powerful character in her own right in the next few books. I’m also interested in how the dynamics of the trio plays out in this movie. *grins* Thanks for the review.

  3. it was a good movie but it wasnt what i expected. umbridge is entertaining, evne though shes evil. and luna lovegood is a cute girl who has this high pitched monotone voice. ‘youre just as strange as i am’ haha. and ‘dumbledores got style.’

  4. I think this film was good, although maybe could have been spiced up with a bit of war in it??
    I think maybe Ron should have reacted to Harry with a bit more.. Anger??

    But, Emma was great as ever playing Hermione

  5. The movie was absolutely amazing, i loved it though i was quite upset when Sirius died but they made it UBER cheesy when it all went quiet and you could see Harry shouting and trying to follow Sirius into a wavy curtain? hmm I LOVE THE CENTAURS and that bit when they carry Umbridge off and she screams to Harry “tell them i’m not a threat” and Harry says ” sorry professor, but i must not tell lies” lol love it!

  6. I actually don’t think the movie was that good. The upplayed the melancholy of the book a little too much. it was almost like a tim burton flim. Also, in the books harry is a smart-ass. he goes to dudley LOOKING for a fight. In the movie dudley just comes up to him saying “is yo mummy dead?” and that, i will say is the cheesiest thing ive ever seen. I just dont like how in the movies, they portray harry as some tortured british cinderella with a scar. i mean, in the books theyre cruel to him, but after all that ha always had something to say.

  7. Da nu Nah

  8. Ginny has not FULLY come to her own YET!she still has a Few-hundred miles to go,but,If Yates,Kloves,and the producers don’t Frak Up movie 6,she will be fine!

    The same cannot be said for the guys playing the dursleys,however!
    If they continue to bring us bad acting and still be a weak link,then they MUST be recasted without hesitation(‘cept they should keep Fiona Shaw in there,she made a decent Petunia Dursley!)

  9. One last thing,Bonnie is starting To get TOO hot for the role of Ginny Weasley to me!

    what do you think the producers should do if this continues?

    should they act natural?or should they sex her up as they carry on promoting awareness for ginny weasley rather than stick with the modified and upgraded versios of their current methods?

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