FULL OotP trailer : Read the script here!


The word is out that the full Order of the Phoenix trailer is being released in the next two weeks. More than that, we have what is supposedly the script for it. Click the ‘continue reading’ link below to read the full spoilerific trailer description! Working now to verify if this is real or not, we’ll get back to you shortly.

Warning: It’s detailed. Thus most spoilery. Read at risk!

UPDATE: Our spy who was at the Chicago screening of OoTP says this definitely sounds like the real deal.

wb logo

Shot of the houses of parliament
Shot of a train in Kings cross
Shot of the Ministry of Magic atrium filled with wizards
Shot of a closed door at the end of a dark coridoor
Panning shot of the veil, the ripped curtain blowing slowly in the wind
Shot of Harry walking through the station, the crowd parts and a man stands in pin stripe suite.
Fear shoots across Harrys face, the figure turns around, Voldemort stares back at harry,

shoot to black screen

Voiceover: Voldemort has gone into hiding, he’s biding his time, gathering his followers.

Fast cut aways of A groups of masked figures surrounded by candles,
Shot of bella opening her eyes looking crazed.
Harry sat at the table in Grimauld place.

Harry: Why will nobody believe me?

Shot of a newspaper article landing on a table.

Sirius: Fear is a dangerous thing Harry

Harry standing facing court officials

Hermione: the Minister is trying to discredit you

Shot Umbridge at the podium in front of the school.

Umbridge: Let us usher in a new era of innovation

Ron: Whose the old broard

Hermione: (voiceover) Dolores Umbridge, Shes the Ministers secretary.

Shot of a classroom door swinging open

Umbridge: good morning children

Shot of Ron looking to Harry in confusuion
Umbridge stands Smugly at the front of the classroom

Umbridge: i will be taking over as Defence against the dark arts teacher, Wands down, textbooks out.

Hermione looking frustrated
Shot of kids writing.

Hermione: How can copying from a book teach you to defend yourself

Voiceover: she’s taking over hogwarts

Shot of Filch Hammering new decree into the wall

Umbridge: this is my school now Mr Potter, i make the rules here.

Shot of kids looking miserable in the courtyard
Shot of Hermione bowing her head

Sirius: these are dangerous times, you must be prepared

Shot of hooded figures sweeping past a blown out wall
Shot of Bella laughing manically in the MoM
Shot of a tree being uprooted in the woods, Ron falls back to the floor

Hermione: You can teach us

Harry turns to Hermione dumbstruck
Shot of the DA practiscing, Ginny fires her Patronus, Luna pointing her wand
Shot of Ron approaching Hermione

Ron: dont worry i’ll go easy on you

Ron is blasted into a wall, Hermione smiles at him.

Harry waking from a sleep

Ron: is it that dream again?

Shot of Harry in Dumbledores office

Harry: somethings not right

Quick Shots of Harry sweaty looking scared, Mcgonegall looking upset, Luna looking solemn

(The music swells to a halt)

Three large bangs (knocks on a door) against a black screen

Shot of Umbridge looking up, she walks to the Doors of the great Hall. they Swing open.

Shot of the educational decrees exploding off the walls
Shot of Bella throwing a spell
Shot of Umbridge pointing her wand at Harrys neck

Harry: get Back

Shot of The RoR walls exploding
Shot of Umbridges head explodes into flames, Fireworks shooting everywere
Shot of kids running riot through hogwarts

Umbridge:(voiceover) Order, i will have Order

Shot of Lucius grabs the scruff of Harrys collar
Shot of Harry and the others stand in a blue room thats rotating
Shot of Azkaban walls exploding
Shot of Grawp scooping down to pick something up
Shot of Glass headin towards Harry

Voiceover: he’s seeking the knowedge to destroy you

Shot of Voldemort Pointing his wand in the minestry of Magic
Shot of Dumbledore bursting into flames
Shot of Sirius standing next to Harry firing a spell, he turns to harry with a solemn look

Harry: SIRIUS!!!

the screen goes black



(source: imdb boards/enyafreak)

~ by scribbulus on March 15, 2007.

12 Responses to “FULL OotP trailer : Read the script here!”

  1. Wow! If it’s the real description of the trailer, we’re in for a great treat! I can’t wait to see it!

  2. It’s stupid that they give away what hapens to Sirius.

  3. Is it really real?! I want to believe it is!! But why havent WB said anything about it yet???? If its true-not long to see it!!

  4. Rumour has it, it’ll be out in 2 weeks. Someone who was at the pre-screening of the film told us it certainly does seem to have descriptions of actual clips from the film in it, by the looks of things.

  5. Amazing details, it looks as though the person who reviewed has the trailer in his mind with every specific scence…makes me think twice…
    Nevertheless, I hope to see the trailer as soon as possible!

  6. Just to let you guys know, this person also was at the prescreening, so she could have made her own based on what she saw their.

  7. It is great that WB will release the tralier soon and I’m a big fan of HP especially OOTP because I’m so eager to watch those challenging and amazing shots… Hope to be 2hrs&45mins. for the running time of OOTP so that we our encourage to watch it during the showing again and again. thanks

  8. People at the screenings said there was no “blue room”, and this also has some lines from a fake trailer description that was going around earlier.

  9. Well, if it is accurate, we’l know in a couple of weeks, won’t we?!

  10. Sounds cool. I cannot wait to see the full trailer and of course, the full film!

  11. Now that we have the trailer… this describes some things that were actually in it. So can we assume that these are things that are happening in the movie?

  12. What does ME mean? It isnt stupid that they gave it away! On the trailer you cant even hear him scream SIRIUS! If you read the book you would know anyway!

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