Rupert Grint dating?


How did we miss this one? The London Buzz is reporting that Rupert Grint got awfully friendly with Hannah Murray, an English actress known for her role in Skins, at the NME awards he attended recently. A friend of the actress said “Rupert was called over to Hannah’s group as she wanted to meet him and the pair clicked instantly. They flirted over drinks for the rest of the after party and they seemed to get on very well indeed.”

Read the full article here for all the juicy gossip.

~ by scribbulus on March 15, 2007.

19 Responses to “Rupert Grint dating?”

  1. I hope whomever he dates, he finds happiness with them :)

  2. […] and Katie have been inseparable ever since despite the 5 year age gap. This, of course, contradicts the story we posted a while back about Rupert and Hannah […]

  3. she’s not going out with him, he was really boring at the nme awards

  4. Did anything ever come of this?

  5. rupert is finding some one to occupy him till i am of leagal age

  6. Just sounds like he was having a good time to me. Nothing romantic.

  7. holy mother of gosh, thts my bf she fcking around with<3

  8. i dont think this was anything romantic. becouse he still swears he is single in all interviews, i dont think of him as a person who would like dating an older lady with such an age gap. and besides there is no other evidance whatsoever so it doesnt matter.

  9. I read somewhere that Hannah and Joseph Dempsie (her co-star in skins) are dating.

  10. Hannah Murray is dating Joe Dempsie.

  11. Rupert. She’s much better than that Katie mess thing. I hope you are happy, if you are dating her. I’m not being sarcastic. Good luck on the films.

  12. Nope she doesn’t, Hannah is dating Joe Dempsie (Chris) her co star in Skins. They’ve been dating since march 07.

  13. are you sure they are?, caue Ive heard that she was dating someone else…

  14. Yeah she’s dating Joe Dempsie >:( Lucky b***ch

  15. .rupert is mine !
    .hehe .
    .hannah is joe dempsie dating .

  16. surely, she doesn’t deserve him!
    come on, it can’t be true!

    xoxo from argentina!

  17. It’s official! Katie Lewis and Rupert Grint.
    Does thet help?

  18. is so good hannah murray is dating with joe dempsie i even dont know they was dating i like see her more with nicholas hoult they see so cute

  19. How do some people know she went out with Joe? I heard this was only a rumour, I mean, where’s the evidence?

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