Elementary, my dear Watson.


Finally, our first piece of real Emma Watson news! We say news…we mean gossip. And by gossip, we mean rumour. Just how we like it.

Firstly, reports are all over the ‘net about Emma’s run in with a stalker at her school. Apparently, the 20 year old visited her school and sneaked in to her lectures and quizzed her about the HP films. So now she has a bodyguard! She’s complained that she can’t get a boyfriend due to her celebrity – good luck with a bodyguard in tow! Anyway, the guy was warned off and everything is hunkydory in the world of Miss Watson leaving various websites to make fun of the situation with things like this.

Also, the Sun is reporting that: “Sources at studio Warner Brothers say she [Emma] has just signed a deal to star in the last two adaptations of the JK Rowling books.” This is the first anyone’s reported anything about this and, hey, it’s the Sun – the UK equivilent of the Quibbler – but lets hope for a triple trio whammy.

~ by scribbulus on March 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Elementary, my dear Watson.”

  1. That’d be awesome if she really is signed for the last 2….I doubt they heard it first though…..

  2. she probably hired a friend to stalk her what with dan radcliffe getting in all the mags because of nakedness. Now she has good gossip too

  3. I’m fairly confidant that all three will sign on. They’ll have me to deal with if they don’t. ;)

  4. Hi. Me very much to like here. I shall advise this site to the friends.
    I am sorry for my English. I only learn this language.

  5. I’m glad she signed on, i think Harry Potter wouldnt be Harry Potter without Emma, or Dan.. To be honest, i think they need a new Ron to play the part tho ;)

    To be honest, i dont know why she cant get a Boyfriend, she is such a beautiful girl..

  6. she’s had a boyfriend for over a year. she just doesn’t want her personal life invaded.

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