Dan Radcliffe, old before his time.


It would appear that Daniel Radcliffe has turned down a million-pound book deal to reveal all about Harry Potter.

Dan told Neil Sean of Sky, “I have been offered obscene amounts of money to do a biography, but they fail to see that at 17 I am a little on the young side. I plan to live a little more just yet. I do devour stuff like that, but honestly, I may be around 30 before I even think of doing anything like that.”

And who’s to say anyone will give a damn in 13 years time? Take the million and run! Maaan, it’s like a game of HP Deal or No Deal.  Read all about it here.


~ by scribbulus on March 19, 2007.

12 Responses to “Dan Radcliffe, old before his time.”

  1. iLUV u

  2. is fader and cool tu pagina

  3. Daniel Radcliff is so cool, and I think that it was a really good idea, that he waited to wait to make a biography.

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  6. dan you should come to morocco i’ll teach moroccan language and french too i’ll take to marrakech casablanca tanger tétouan and alhoceïma they are beautiful ok? and moeoccan people are generous

  7. Daniel has grown so much over the last few years and i just love him ever so much…and im happy that he’s going out and proving how rounded he is when it comes to acting without pushing away Harry Potter. but to show how i really feel!!!


  8. I think that Dan has a right to do whatever he want’s to do with his life and it has nothing to do with us. Yes he is a GOD! but he is just like the rest of us but amazingly rich! Sometimes i wish that i was an actress just so i could even meet him.

  9. I for one will have to agree with sarah here. Daniel has a right to do whatever he feels. And hell yea he’s a god. Especially when it comes to acting. Other than that… the people who keep offering the money for a biography should lay off and wait until Daniel is ready. Daniel, I am on your side till the very end.

  10. hi daniel
    i luv you. i hav read all of the harry potter books and i love your films. i think your a grate actor.i love the last i think it’s the best book yet. and i love you-xx.

  11. damiel is so cute not only cute so very very cute

  12. Daniel radcliffe is hot! and cute :) he can play harry potter verry good! and he’s sooooo hot!! hhaha;) i love it to read harry potter books and see harry potter films, but watching pictures of Daniel radcliffe is even better! as himself he is more cute, i think
    XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXX a daniel lover ;) Miranda

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