Various Dan Updates


Will Kemp, the actor who plays Nugget the horse in Equus says Dan Radcliffe is a gentleman regardless of him showing his dangly bits to most of London.

He is a remarkable young man. There’s very little that can throw him: the mass hysteria, the publicity, the press, the constant hassle that is his life – he handles it brilliantly. He could easily have been this 17-year-old brat, but he’s not at all, he’s a real gentleman.”

Whatwhat! You may read the full interview here, because we like you.

AND. For those in the UK, Dan will be on Jonathan Ross show on Friday.

Allllllso, Dan did a new photoshoot recently in which he looks rather different. And by different we mean slightly odd. And by odd, we mean freakishly photoshopped to look dark and brooding while emo-ishly hunched against a radiator. Click tumbnails to view and give yourself nightmares.

3zh4712.jpg  47lyfdk.jpg  2urnzhl.jpg  3zbjays.jpg


~ by scribbulus on March 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Various Dan Updates”

  1. A horse named Nugget…sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.


  2. I keep thinking of chicken mcnuggets.

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