Maggie’s play = owl droppings.


“This godless play left me cold as a corpse”

“Maggie draws the short straw this time”

Oh dear. It seems Maggie Smith’s return to the London stage in Edward Albee’s “The Lady from Dubuque” isn’t going quite as well as hoped. Despite her acting getting great reviews, the play itself is apparently set to be the biggest flop since those cheese cauldrons from Humphrey Belcher. At least Mags seems to be getting sparkling reviews herself although one review goes so far as to suggest she was pulled on board only to save the rubbish play. Her vowels got praised though. We’d love to have our vowels praised. Still, her name seems to have saved the day and tickets have sold out enough in advance to give it a decent run. Poor people!

Read some reviewage here!


~ by scribbulus on March 22, 2007.

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