freedom, justice, honour…and crazy eyeballs


Brendan Gleeson, yup, that’s MadEye Moody to us fanatical nerds, is all set to portray the famous British prime minister Winston Churchill in the wildly originally named film “Churchill“. He’s perfect for the role! Except…we’ll be expecting his nose to fall off any second, his eye to zip off behind his head looking for a bottle of Johnny Walker and to yell “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” at his cabinet while smoking a big fat cigar. Yeahhh. We wish.

Source on your fries, sir?


~ by scribbulus on March 23, 2007.

One Response to “freedom, justice, honour…and crazy eyeballs”

  1. Brendan is perfect for the job!!
    I think that he was a great choice for the HP Movies!!!

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