Triple Whammy.


Yup, all three actors, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, have officially signed up to complete the last 2 Harry Potter films.

Of course they did. This is the way of the universe. If it were any different, the Earth would stop spinning or ninjas would no longer be cool.


~ by scribbulus on March 23, 2007.

13 Responses to “Triple Whammy.”

  1. Yesss! The Trio back “for good”! :)

  2. That’s great. It’s be rubbish with different actors playing Harry, Ron and Hermione. I think less people would go to see it. I cannot wait to see the HBP film as the book is my fav (sp far, DH may take the biscuit…)

  3. No matter who Ron is, im especially glad that Dan, and Emma are staying, they are both great!!
    And Emma is beautiful :D

  4. Emma is beautiful, but Dan cannot act to save his life! i think DD has been miscast since the first actor died.

  5. i think rupert was absolutely brilliant in Ootp!
    and it’s great to hear that emma is staying. it would f*ck everything up if she left…

  6. yay! well, its no surprise, why wouldn’t they? ootp was awesome, i still wish bellatrix was in it more often, she was wicked :)

  7. that is freakin awesome that they are staying! you need all the cast to complete the movies or it’s just not Harry Potter. If they get a new cast… they ruin all the movies.

  8. nothing to do wiv the actors but i fink that even if we had to wait another year or so, they should mae 2 versions of the movies. 1 for the *cough* sane peeps who can only bare 2-3 hours of HP and 1 for the true fans that dont mind sitting for 7-8 hours watching the fittest lads and the prettiest girls, hollywood has to offer, that is exact to the book in every way.

    WHO’S WITH ME????

  9. YAY!!! I love Harry Potter books and movies, but honestly, I dont think it would be worth going to see them if Rupert Grint wasn’t in them.

  10. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a 8 hour harry potter movie. Actuly that would be pretty awesome, but i suppose that would mean that these guys would be like 95 years old by the time they finished it, and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Denchers” wouldn’t have been a good movie. But also, i could sit in the theatre and watch rupert for the whoe time and be happy…

  11. i dont agree with richard everybody cares who ron is becuz he is so wonderful!! i am glad that all 3 signed on

  12. ninja’s aren’t cool.. their strange

  13. you know I luv the books and the movies aren’t that bad..i mean yeah they were changed a bit but I actually like it that way. if they were exactly like the movies then we would know exactly what happens and it would be kinda boring…I like how they mixed it up a bit that way I still am suprised. like the mirror effect when voldemort is possessing harry in the 5th movie is Awesome!!!

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