December Boys in USA

Warner Brothers have officially announced here that December Boys will be in American cinemas from September 14, 2007. So all you crazy Daniel Radcliffe fans who can’t make it to Equus can catch a glimpse of the next best thing – his naked torso gasping hilariously in a sex scene in this film. Personally, we just want to see it to mock his Australian accent.


~ by scribbulus on March 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “December Boys in USA”

  1. question what is this film rated wow talk about PG-13

  2. After watching the trailer on the web, we’re truly looking forward to seeing this movie. As Potter fans, we think it was a great choice for Daniel Radcliffe. It certainly provides him an opportunity to demonstrate his acting ability while allowing us to watch him mature as an actor. Thank you for making films like December Boys – we need morr of them.

  3. Does anybody know where this movie is showing?? How can I get the times for it? I am a die-hard Daniel Radcliffe fan and I NEED to see this movie. Any links or info??

  4. Huh? what is this, ive never heard of this? can someone give me a link to a trailer please?

  5. is the film gonna be in UK? Cos he is hot n everfin but even IM not gonna travel half way across the world just to see DanRad!! N thats sayin sumfin!

  6. For anyone who needs info, use your common sense and use the biggest internet movie database ever. ( You’ll fall in love with that site, I’m telling you.

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