Rupert dating Pete Doherty’s ex

Well, that was a surprise. If the Daily Mail can be trusted. Which they can’t. But still, makes a great story, true or not.

Apparently, Rupert Grint is dating Bonnie And Clyde frontwoman Katie Lewis. They met at the NME awards and, according to Rupert’s “pal”, most likely ex-“pal” if he’s gone to the papers with this, Rupert and Katie have been inseparable ever since despite the 5 year age gap. This, of course, contradicts the story we posted a while back about Rupert and Hannah Murray.

If it’s true, the press will have a field day with this because, shock horror, Katie used to be hooked on cocaine. She’s totally clean now, but that won’t make a difference to the Press. What with Dan getting naked onstage and Rupert dating ex-junkie rock chicks, it seems like they’re really starting to grow up.


We just hope Rupert buys her a decent bra sometime soon.

Read the story here.

~ by scribbulus on March 25, 2007.

54 Responses to “Rupert dating Pete Doherty’s ex”

  1. OMG!! i hope this isn’t true, rupert deserves so much better he’s such a nice guy, even if she is clean se will always be an ex-junkie

    I feel blue :(

  2. dont worry girls rupert’s still up for sale…i dont think she’ll be hanging around for long. hes mine anyway:)

  3. Nooo! I don’t want that he have a girlfriend! =(, he deserves someone a much better!

  4. OMG!!!!

    she’s so ugly!!

    • Luna……seriously. She’s smokin’. You have nothing better to do that go after her looks.


  5. only crapppp Omg!! she’s so ugly!!!
    I hate her!! with all my heart!

  6. iuuu the girlfriend is very grouss so so ugly!! rupert is for meee i love to Rupert … i don’t believe

  7. Even though I can’t judge her. Because I don’t know the girl : He deserves someone much better. Definitely.

  8. WTF! If he’s going with her for real he must have gone blind (not that looks are everything, but damn)! Just the thought makes me wanna cry…

  9. She’s fugly, with her lopsided chest. Okay, maybe her face and hair are nice. But seriously! Promo shots deserve bras.

  10. she must have spent a heeeeeeeellava lot of cash on her drug attiction– so much that she cant affort something done to her BOOBS!!! AH HAHHAHA….
    theyre like this


  11. I mean like this

    , O
    , O

  12. GAH! nevermind………..

  13. yes

  14. She is ugly…Rupert can do so much better

  15. rupert can definately do better but hey if they get along hen im happy for them but if she ends up hurting him then ill be soooo pissed off cause i think rupert’s lovely ;)…by the way i agree her tits r wonky

  16. *then

  17. simply unbelievable.

  18. omg RUPERT AND KATIE! that girl is so NOT sexy with her LOPSIDED BOOB and i so “dont wish that rupert buys her a decent bra. Coz that sexy bastard’s for me

  19. She’s pretty georgous, they’ll be happy together : )

  20. ewww.
    wtf shes old and ugly and got wierd boobs.
    i want him..

  21. GOD!! She’s HIDEOUS!!
    Rupert deserves someone WAYYY better.

  22. Uh ewww.
    Wtf is wrong with Rupert and her boobs.

  23. Omgod none of you even know him, stop pretending ‘he is such a nice guy.’

  24. OMG
    maybe he likes her
    maybe he likes her boobs
    you know guys these days
    no hell no
    he can’t
    he won’t
    hes too smart to fall with someone
    thats boobs stand out
    no i’ve got the wrong idea
    hes mine
    and he wouldn’t choose her

  25. ewww shes so fugly

  26. no way!!!!! OMG it can’t be….

  27. it kinda gives you that mix of nausea and shivers, if there’s a picture of kissing, man, I’m going to up-chuck…

  28. … to be honest this is a really bad pic of her. even though in the other pics ..she is still ugly ..but maybe they’re together for reasons other than looks..dont get me wrong i loathe her for supposedly claiming rupert. but maybe it wont last long … i hope and pray lol

  29. i would be devistated. simply because she is a trashy mc whorebag. and soooo dont think shes clean, rupert will soon have aids…
    someone pweeese interfere

  30. is this true?

  31. YUCK!!!!!

  32. YUCK!!!!

  33. weii… if he is happy o.k but i want to say that katie is sooooooo lucky and rup is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. nooo, rupert why are you doing this?, can’t you see? her boobs are discontorted, what do you see in her??? eww, she’s so fugly!!!

  35. BLIMEY!
    …no that can’t be true..
    i just can’t believe it..
    i thought he is a man of taste :O
    i thought he is waiting for mee..

    NO! NO! NO!
    that’S just a rumour!!!!
    that has to be a rumour!!!!..

    as lucy said ‘YUCK!!!!’
    my man dating that ugly, fed, dicontorted boobs katie?!
    NO WAY!

  36. um.. i won’t even comment on this :/.. the guy shou;d find someone far more better.. but then again, it’s not my life

  37. haha i love this person who writes all these articles to pay out them… aaahh good times good times

  38. gggaaahh my shocking spelling who gives a shit hmm so glad i’m not famous … sucked in potter actors sucked in!

  39. omg. my friend and i have been obsessing over rupert forever. i will be so upset if this is true

  40. I Love You Georgia and wanted to ask you something very serious because i do, i will cherish and care, always protect you till the end, i wanted to ask you this not in the usual original way but more exciting way, what i want to ask.. sorry this is so hard umm

  41. What are you talking about? I’m confused and why are we here?

  42. Will You Marry Me?

  43. Will You Marry Me

  44. Will you marry me Georgia?

  45. Uhh no..

  46. lmfaoo, she looks like she just got payed for doing dirty things in a car with someone who probably payed her with crack. Her boobs are saggy, obviously not wearing a bra. And she looks like she just had a C section. just overall dirty and greasy. I still can’t get over her uneven saggy boobs, those are just redunk.

  47. si ils sont bien ensemble,qui sa dérange???
    C’est assez insuportable de voir avec quelle méchanceté et surement ingnorance certaine personnes critique cette femme qui, j’en suis sure, doit avoir de nombreuses qualitées si Rupert l’a choisit,et selon l’article est bien avec elle.
    Les commentaires désobligeant montrent avec quelle force certaines personnes qui se disent “fan” peuvent se permettre de juger sa copine selon des critères autant lamentables que stupids…

  48. Damn that bitch is ugly!
    Why doesn’t she wear a bra?? Her boobs are falling to the floor lolz

  49. I dont really like the ex-junkie girlfriend thing, But then again if he loves her what can we do

  50. No one can suck a girls chest if she has lopsided tits

    she is the ugliest girl i’ve ever seen.. this cant be true..
    noo i don’t believe this…
    And her clothes are dirty too

  52. ewwww, she is so gross and how can he like her with her freaky ass boobs.. i mean i swear one of her boobs is like growing out of her stomach
    Rupert is all mine

  53. Any girl – or guy – who doesn’t look at her (Katie Lewis) truthfully & see how her body is marvelous, is very shallow… &wrapped up in judgement.

    This woman is astonishing…..incredible body, probably quite a lot more going on too.

    The rest of you children, go to bed – it’s way past your bedtimes

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