Bonnie Wright…yup, those Potter kids are really growing up now.



~ by scribbulus on March 25, 2007.

18 Responses to “snarf.”

  1. oh that’s hilarious

    you should make a post about how the hp kids are alcoholics
    or crazy crazy

    i like all these about how they’re “growing up fast”
    it’s very interesting

  2. oh that’s it! Ginny dies in book 7 now!

  3. hahaaa!

  4. ppls u r mad ginny cant die pls .ginny is harry’s power becuse harrys power is luv. if she dies haeey is gonna be mentally loosing hia powers , but i wanr ginny 2 make harry jealous dat would be gr8.

  5. hahaha i loved that pic when i first saw it!

  6. this is a really dumb site that I take as a joke.
    1. that isn’t Bonnie Wright. How would you feel if someone put up pictures of you about to shoot yourself? Don’t act like you won’t care because you will.
    2. reason why dan went naked on stage is because he wanted to scoot away from harry potter and try out something totally different.
    3. Emma is 17 and although she was drunk UK has different rules from the US. In the UK you can drink at age 15. It wasn’t illegal.

    This is to all websites trash-talking harry potter stars.

    This better be a joke website because NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WILL TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! I mean NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WRONG. The drinking age in The U.K is 18.

  8. Lol go Emma! i think it’s great that they are drinking!, that sounds wierd but you know they are enjoying themselves, so what if they are drunk, it’s funny lol

  9. everybody jst chill……man!!! wat if they are drunk, smoke pot..or , making luv with their boyfrenz’ i think they started mch later than u guys,,

  10. you are such a deprived person hu ever made this! if you dont like harry potter, fine! but dont be so sad as to make a pathetic little webbie that feeds of romour…think of all the little kids that go on here and get all this shit…

  11. go sonni! u rule dude! wats ur email???

  12. ginny doesn’t die btw, u guys r gay get a life

  13. i hate harry potter it’s gay but you guys obsessing about it when you actually hate it, it’s even worse.. go outside play sport or learn sumthing ok!!

  14. Umm..
    How would you lot feel if everything you do is punlicised anyway..They deserve privacy, and fyi in england you can drink at 16 if it with a meal..But this dumb site showing pics like tht, sort it out.

  15. HAHAHA this is classic. that’s dumb, you can drink at any age, in the uk with PARENTAL CONSENT, but who gives a fuck, she’s 17. that’s still starting older than most people. pfft. this is funny. im gonna use that picture in a banner for my fic AHA. pothead rocks. aha

  16. its kind of pathetic that if u dont even like harry potter and yet u still obessess over it, get a fucking job

  17. hehe and

  18. cant see the pic.

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