Emma dating?


It must be the heat or something but there’re now new rumours of another HP star dating. This time it’s Emma Watson who is supposedly dating 16 year old rugby star Tom Ducker. The source is from The Sun which you should all know by now is about as reliable as a used teabag. However, we all love a good bit of speculation. Apparently she was seen -shockhorror- sitting on his knee on a night out. A source close to Emma (by close, they probably mean an ex-plumber who brushed past her in Sainsburys 4 years ago or someone equally random) that they’ve been dating since last September.

The image is from emma-watson-fans (God bless them!) and is from one of Emma’s friends’ parties back in September. Apparently that chap there is Tom. Ho-hummm. Something to back it up for once. Or it’s where they got the story from in the first place.

~ by scribbulus on March 26, 2007.

13 Responses to “Emma dating?”

  1. it cud be a rumor or true we wud probally only know who emma dates untill emma comfirm it herself which probally wud be along time and anouther rumor going around she datesa guy named rob or robert shud i say but as i sed we wud only no who emma is dating in real life wen she confirms it!

  2. i used to love emma she was so cute but dy by day i can see her ecomin a bitch just like the others i mean come on girl dont u know that they can take photos of u like that and make u seem bitch?

  3. It would be great to get to know Emma personally.. I think she’s a fantastic actor, and she is fantasticly beautiful!!

  4. i like emma, she has a bright personality, i just hope she doesn’t become like lindsay lohan or ashlee simpson…

  5. On http://www.emma-watson-fans.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=34 they show a bunch of private pics of her and the rest of the HP cast. I’ve seen this dude. XShe is always sitting on his lap and taken pictures with him. I have a feeling they are just good friends. She does know how to party though:)

  6. […] reported about it back in March this […]

  7. yo so what emmas dating leave the poor girl alone wats wrong with having a little fun in her life jesus stop hassling the girl just cos i have a boyfriend omg on the front page comon get on with your lifes people and let emma get on with hers GOD!

  8. I totally agree wiv rachel. Hey im called rachel too! :D Emma is my complete idol 111% and as long as she partAYs hard but dosnt end up like li’lo, im gonna back her up all the way! NEway she deserves SO?ME privacy in her life SHEESH!

  9. ya so wha shes only havi a bit of fun !! but d only thing shes gona lose is her popularity

  10. Why can’t people just leave her the hell alone.. I mean she’s only human… LET THE GIRL DATE DAMN YOU..it’s not like you don’t

  11. i think she simply rocks…and though we are nobody to decide whom she should date or whom she should not, i cant resist myself from saying that i would love to see her together with Rupert Grint…just like Ron and Mione, they make a cute couple offscreen too.. ;)

  12. I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

  13. hahaha r u srs lmao!!!!

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