New OoTP images.


A whole bunch of the things have been released from Warner Brothers. There are a whole heap and we shall be definitely printing out Lucius and placing him on bedroom walls. They finally made his hairline look like it’s not receding so badly. Isaacs appears to be the only actor capable of putting on a shoulder-length wig and looking like he has less hair than before.

Also, this new batch of images has yielded possibly the  most terrifying image ever – guaranteed to shatter many dreams.

Sirius should NOT have manboobs.


To see the rest, head over to TLC because we don’t want to waste our bandwidth hosting them.

~ by scribbulus on March 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “New OoTP images.”

  1. Harry looks so ermm. kidlike.

  2. Sirius does look like he has manboobs. Oh the horror!
    (I’m loving this site!!!)

  3. harry does not look kidlike and sirius does look like he has manboobs and yes the horror!!!!!!!

  4. Sirius really does look like he has man boobs

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