Wild rumours…

Since news is sloo oo  o  ow today, we thought we’d amuse you with some of the best insane Harry Potter-related rumours we’ve read on the Internet lately.

Rupert Grint is dating Dulce Maria.
This appeared on Rupert’s wikipedia page for a couple of hours today. That’s what? 3 girls on the go? What a player!

Rupert Grint is set to replace Dan in Equus.
Of course! Because, you know, they’ve been in a few films together after all – makes him a shoe in for the role! The fact is, even if this had even a shred of truth, we’d probably scratch our eyes out. The shots of Daniel were MORE than enough.

Daniel Radcliffe will star in Saw 4.
Yeah! As the evil clown guy! IMDB message boards are the best.

Tom Felton is Dating Bonnie Wright.
Just don’t even go there.


~ by scribbulus on March 29, 2007.

24 Responses to “Wild rumours…”

  1. lol

  2. bonnie wright is hot..

  3. whatevr stuuuuu[id!

  4. who’s bonnie wright?

  5. well, now that I know who bonnie wright is… ewwww! yeah right!

  6. aww, i think theyd be cute together!!!

  7. Bonnie should go out with Daniel

  8. nah i like tom and bonnie together theyre perfect!

  9. I dont think that Rupert would be too bad in Equus, Dan looks really bad, i dunno why people think he’s hot, he needs a shave his nipples are like sticking out and you can see his pubes running up half his stomach and he is all scrawny and sinewy, ewww! Dan in Saw4, lol, i would go and watch it. ” i am going to kill you!!!” nah he couldnt pull it off

  10. no. i think bonnie wright should go out with me. it would be perfect. ^^

  11. Your strange scribbulus. End of.

  12. Tom Felton has a lack of looks and girlfriend! He smell and he is a freak!

  13. onfg dan and bonnie should go out!!they kiss in the 6 and 7 book anyway and they get married!!

  14. my fave actress is bonnie wright!!not like anyone cares but still..nice to say!!lol

  15. what a load of utter crap

  16. this cool u guys but dont belive it thx ginnyjean

  17. Dan& Bonnie would be cute but Tom Felton is to hot for her “oh yeah!!!!!” dan in saw 4 stuuupid Rupert dating Maria please !!! he is way too hot for her Rupert replacing Dan in “Equus” i saw an interview with rupert he thaught it was a shocking move & when asked if he would ever do somthing like that he said “NO!!!WAY!!!” and as for him being drunk (which is true) at some awards thingy “GO RUPERT”!!!!!!!!!!


  19. wow! I think Bonnie and Tom make a really cute couple. But like that’ll ever happened. I have more chance on datin Leonardo Dicaprio. :D Hahaha! Just kidding.

  20. Bonnie and Tom? Haha.

  21. bonnie and dan??? HAHAHAHhaHA.

    PSh. Get a life.

  22. i dont really think that rupert is dating Maria,he is too dumb to have a girlfriend,replacinf dan in eqqus is inpossible…i dont want to tink on him naked,Bonnie dating Dan is totaly true, and for the little retart ho doest know ho is Bonnie Wright is the Redhair from Harry Potter.

  23. Bonnie Wright IS HOT!

    No matter what she is made of!

    Why do we not hear of A rock and roll version Of the ‘Milkshake’ Song with bonnie and ginny,already?

    they can get away with the song if it was used in a video with them,I am sure!

  24. I LUV BONNIE..she’s great..and i dont care if a lot of u hates her,,haha.
    i think its not a good idea of havin dan in saw4.but im lookin forward ti tat..and also rupert in equus.i dont evn like dan there..its,,AWFUL..

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