Will Neville pot Potter?


It seems there’s been a flurry of bets placed around the country that Harry will be bumped off in book 7 by none other than Neville Longbottom.

This news is met by just about everyone with a resounding “HUH?”

So, insider information like last time with Dumbledore or just a random increase in lucky guessers? Who knows. But one thing’s certain, that would rock. Harry getting Mimbulus Mimbletonia-ed to death by accident in the Gryffindor common room.


~ by scribbulus on March 30, 2007.

15 Responses to “Will Neville pot Potter?”

  1. Neville gets cuter and cuter in each movie. I like him :)

  2. Could it just be JKR placing the bets to steer us off course? Around HBP time, there was similar flurry onb bets being placed on Dean Thomas being the HBP.

  3. I think Neville will have an important or even bigger role than what he had in the previous books, but I don’t think he’d overthrow Harry :))
    The actors on the other hand… well that’s a different story. :D Matt Lewis is growing up to be better looking than Dan Radcliffe [And that’s just my humble opinio..] :)

  4. ok JKR can not have neville pot potter thats just not right and every one who thinks that Matt Lewis is growing up to be better looing than Daniel they need to go see a doctor because that will never happen Daniel is the hottest person on the set of harry potter and any other movie Daniel is in!!!!!!!

  5. What is so bad about Daniel? It just plain wrong that mattew luis (longbottom) would be the star, on the other hand, in the 5th movie (show or book), harry taught neville. but I have to agree with Alanna, and cnaj

  6. by accident maybe but there is no way that harry’s luck would jsut run out like that, i mean come on! besides it wouldnt do him justice. if he does die…it will be a huge great moment. and it will also leave the world of potter fans in a huge depression.

  7. Harry said he wont go back to HW, so there goes the common room accident, but he might think a HX is there because of what DD said, Riddle penetrated most of the magic in this place. Nevile wont kill harry b/c of bellatrix and parents. what if harry is the 7th HX, though, someone would have to kill him, mabe LV.

  8. no, harry potter dies for a bit, but lord.v killed him.
    Fred weasly dies
    lupin dies
    tonks dies
    mad eye moody dies,
    snape dies
    voldemort dies too :)

  9. ive alredy read the 7th book and harry is better than ever!!!!

  10. frankie is right and of all those people he said dies….i hate to say it ..but..its true!!!(sobbing) and he just spoiiled iy for everybody!!!

  11. yer..frankies right
    as much as we hate to admit it
    all those people died
    I cried so hard when lupin and tonks died
    just after they had cute little Teddy =[
    I also was very upset that harry finally found out Snape was good just after he got killed by voldemort
    I was soo excited for the book and couldnt have been happier with the ending
    I think it was also very important that JKR went further into the past of dumbeldore..
    she executed that very well.
    it was an amazing book..
    I loved it!!

  12. just adding to what I said..
    I was thrilled when Neville played a part in killing voldemort
    The books started off with him being chubby and uncoordinated
    but he really has become a true hero
    His killing of Nagini proved that!

  13. I absolutely loved the last booked and OMG Hermione and Ron, they were being attacked and they thought it was a good time to have a snog ha, it was great though, the whole book just kept me reading, i love Neville, he used to be an absolute geek, bless him, but know he is becoming a hogwarts hottie, i think its great for both Matt, the actor and character.

  14. alright… harry potter is SO not as cute as neville… those of u that think he is r sadly mistaken…

  15. I met him at Armaggedon in Auckland a few years back. He is adorable!

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