A new shot of Sirius Black from Warner Brothers. ThankGOD he’s got some clothes on this time.


~ by scribbulus on March 31, 2007.

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  1. What’s up with the red hair? Why do so many people in the HP movies NEVER have the hair colour they’re supposed to have? Like, what, Warner Bros. could only afford to dye the dark brown strands of the Phelps twins, and that’s it?


  2. Gahaaa! So true.

  3. I’m a big fan of HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I adore Harry Potter !!!!!!!!! Mostly Black

  5. sirius(I know that not right!)shouldn’t have died
    I will missed you forever………

  6. i totally wish my dog looked like sirius black when he is in his dog form. haha.

  7. Anyway,I think that Gary Oldman is a perfecn Sirius. In the film “HP and the Order…” its just a pleasure to look at him,all dressed up and clean))

  8. Oldman was great playing black, i loved that character@@ To bad of what happened!

  9. I think, that far more important than the hair colour, is the way in which the actors/actresses portray their characters. Gary Oldman did such a brilliant job as Sirius, I hardly had the time to give a damn about hair colour!

  10. Sirius Black is soo good in the Garry Potter film .
    Im af big fan as Sirius Black.
    But Harry Potter is im also a big fan a.

  11. they all have such a problems with hair color, that it sucks. Sorry, but Ginny Weasley’s hair in the movie is way too close to brown, while she is supposed to be a “vivid redhead”. Then Sirius’s hair is NOT brown or brown-red! And both Petunia and Dudley Dursley are BLOND, not brunettes!

    Then again the actors. The main trinity is ok, but supporting characters? Neville is NOT that stupid in the fifth book, as he is shown in the 5th film! Ginny Weasly is not a flat-faced average, she is, according to the book by the way, very very pretty, and much more attractive than Hermione. While in the films we see just a little pale shadow, not a real Ginny and it is Hermione who is attractive. Actress Bonnie Wright is playing nice, but she is not of the best look and obviously not beautiful as Ginny should be.

    Anyway, the film is just a faint shadow of the Harry’s world described so brilliantly in the book series.
    Thank you JKR!

  12. I love garry oldman in harry potter in the latest movie he looks like he gives the best hugs ever!!! XXXX

  13. hi i love gary he iz da best and i need him cause i am alone

  14. Gary Oldman is brilliant, but as Sirius Black he is incredibly sexy. He is by far my favorite Harry Potter character/actor and I’m sorry he was not resurrected. Personally, I find Ginny much more attractive than Hermoine. It is not just looks that make a person attractive. Harry knows what he’s doing!


  16. Gary Oldman! <3 Forever and always, he will be my idol. (:

  17. Oh my god … sexy is Sirius/Oldman? I’m soooo glad to come across others that think the same. All my mates think he’s a scabby old man. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I like a bad boy!! Thank god for JKR and whoever decided to cast him.!!!!

  18. aaaaaaaaaaa…………
    you are cool sirius!!!!!

    I’m your big fan!

  19. hi heroes

  20. Sirius was the most clever wizard in the wizarding world…… ………….
    Lon and Leena

  21. it’s not only the hair color they have got wrong, in the movies Ginny have got green eyes, in the book it said hazzel brown. Hermiones dress is blue in the book but lilac in the movie, they could easily make the little details work for the pleasure of true Harry Potter fans. And Harry Potter have got green eyes not blue!

  22. Yea the people who made the movie have got it all wrong. i mean, get the freakin director to read the books! I mean, (if you read the books you know what i’m talking about) in deathly hallows, i wonder what their gonna messup, scrath out or something else? maybe how harry/voldemort died (putting it like that so ppl who haven’t read it wont spoil.) I dunno…

  23. Just a curiosity: why do people find it necessary to nitpick minute little details like hair/eye color? Who would you rather have in these roles, someone who looks exactly right, or someone who can ACT THE PART CORRECTLY? Ther are going to be differences between a film adaptation of a book and the book itself; it’s inevitable, even when the author of the original book writes or co-writes the screen play (case in point: a few Stephen King movies). You’ll get far more enjoyment out of the film by focusing on what’s important (the STORY) instead of picking apart the minor things.

  24. thats rite. there r many chages in film like longbottom helping harry insted of doby n many more.

  25. hallo ihr süßen wie gehts euch so wie in germany mögen auch harry potter

  26. hello

  27. hellå suries black

  28. Sexy Gary Oldman’s *real* hair colour is red-brown so the wig he wore for the role as Sirius had to match this colouring, and IMHO they did a perfect job! As did Gary in his portrayal of Sirius! Mr Oldman is too sexy and talented for words! xx

  29. why do people find it necessary to nitpick minute little details like hair/eye color? Who would you rather have in these roles, someone who looks exactly right, or someone who can ACT THE PART CORRECTLY

    Because they are not getting people who *can* act the part correctly. That’s the problem. Bonnie Wright has never shown that she could handle the part of Ginny; Daniel Radcliffe can be incredibly stiff and unnatural. And when they do get someone who can act the part, they refuse to make them look anything like the character in the book — see the strangely well-groomed Sirius and his ginger hair and the oily, greasy Lupin. Blech.

  30. sirius black!!
    you are my favorouite schauspieler!!!!

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