A look at James.


Another picture has turned up online at emma-watson-fans.net (what do you mean you haven’t been there yet? You really should) of Robbie Jarvis who will play a young James Potter in OotP. How totally ‘myspace’.


We’re sure the ladies will love him but we’re baffled as to how he’s remotely like Adrian Rawlins who played an older James in the films before. C’mon, guys, James and Lily were YOUNG when they died. Try early twenties at best. This is such a mess we almost love it.


~ by scribbulus on April 5, 2007.

13 Responses to “A look at James.”

  1. That’s what I thought so too.
    When I saw the first film, I was like.. why’d they cast an old guy? (Well, not THAT old, but you get what I mean..)
    The young James looks like Chad Michael Murray :D haha.

  2. I think the Warner Bros. that that we wouldn’t be able to wrap our minds around the fact that dead people don’t age. Either that, or hiding from Voldemort for a year or so is so tramatic that you age a couple decades.

    I remember first seeing the movie and thinking “Harry’s parents are dorks.” even before I knew that they should have been very young when the died. Bad casting choice all around in my mind.

  3. Turned up? That picture was stolen, its bad to advertise that website! You’re as bad as them, for shame!

  4. hello you are so beautifull & charming girl.

  5. yea, Tnumfive is right, they are much younger i mean come on it was only a few year out of hogwarts that they had harry after all. though i have to say the younger jamesis gorgeous.wasnt the boy james said to have a striking resemblance to harry? i guess thats out the window with this guy;s blond hair…

  6. ………is realy cute……..Love him!

  7. I’d have to say that Robbie is totally hot! But I totally agree with Tnumfive they’re way to old! They are in, like, their late thirties or something, and wasn’t James supposed to be handsome in his early twenties, which is when Harry was born?

  8. i thought it was chad micheal murray! i couldn’t believe it wasn’t!

  9. haha he really looks like chad michael murray, but he wasn’t that hot or brilliant in the movie though….

  10. james potter was supposed to be 21 when he died. i agree when you say that he looks a it far out from 21.

    James Potter
    1960 – 1981

  11. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t just use Dan Radcliffe to play young James too What kinda crap is that? sure make a few adjustments to how Dan looks but they’re suppose to look almost exactly alike! except for Lils eyes and James has a longer nose! Not that difficult ppl…you got the right person right there already casted!!!!! but I don’t like Dan much anyways…his eyes aren’t right =P

  12. Ummm no James has to be played by a different person because they don’t look exactly alike. It’s better to get another actor to play James.

  13. yeah i was totally pissed off when i saw harry’s dad i mean c’mon he was 21 since when do people in their early twenties look like their in their late thirties urgghhhhhh ….big mess up i got over the whole Dan doesnt have the GREEN eyes thing(which is EXTREMELY SIGNIFICENT IN THE BOOKS) but c’mon did they even TRY reading the books and why did JK let them do that…

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