Equus-y stuff


Ahaa. Another on stage pic for all of you. Blurred, of course, but we’re sure at least 28% of you will try to zoom in and sharpen it up in photoshop.

~ by scribbulus on April 5, 2007.

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  1. nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dat is just rong. why dan why.
    i thought u err cool
    u make me sic

  4. that is the sexiest thing ever…. i wish i could have him naked in my bed… fk u haters… lolz

  5. This is wickedness! My head’s bit-up!

  6. Dan, what happened… i’m so… oh, no. This isn’t good anymore. This ruins your healthy career!!!!! No, and I say NO!!!

  7. I beg everyone especially the operators to kindly cease from posting them… Those pictures just don’t make us feel any good. It makes us even swell. Oh, I pardon…please stop posting them on! I can’t stand it no more.All we need is help: HELP ban it. It’s not really good for Dan. And I care for him, that’s why! I’m no any angrier or anything, and I’m not jealous, envious, whatever. I only care about deleting them from webs. *_* please. T_T *sob*

  8. Come on people!!! He is an adult. He can do what he wants. Daniel is not Harry Potter, and he has to show that he is capable of more complicated roles. Keep advancing your carrer Dan!!

  9. harry potter/daniel is a sick “man”. He deserves worst than DEATH. He was a pretty good young actor once apon a time , NOW hes just naked and gross. He is just disgusting and hairy. WHY? can somebody PLEEEASE just put him to sleep, so that he didnt do this mental stuff anymore. VOLDERMORT PLEASE HELP HIM , HE IS SUFFERING. .. just one more thing! He is NOT attractive or cute.how can anybody helthy normal person think in such a horrible way!? my god. vermit

    • Wow, you’re mature. I’m sure you’re one of the very few people who think this. And I’m sure that you don’t say this about every other actor who decides to take their clothes off on stage. Yeah, it happens all the time, and if you really care, you would be pulling this same immature trick on every person who’s ever taken their clothed off on stage. Grow up. He’s still good looking, if not better without a shirt on. And he’s only getting better at acting. So go cuss about someone else, namely yourself for being so prejudice and judgmental.

  10. HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH A THING? You are the sick one. bastard

  11. i think it is perfectly fine if daniel wants to go on stage naked, he has a right to if he wants, and he obviously wants to do it, or he wouldnt be up there naked infront of everyone. its a big risk taker but he pulled it off. good for you daniel :)

  12. Lo sapevo che prima o po sarebbe successo!!! VAI COSì DANIEL!!!!! XD

  13. Daniel Radcliffe did perform nude on stage at 17, but it’s not like he performed in Bible-belt-America. Being naked on stage for a play is artistically expressive and anyone who disagrees is quite out of touch. If a writer wants someone nude on stage, that’s the way the writer sees something portrayed. He or she does not do it for shock factor or attention– it’s for, once again, artistic expression as well as a perfectly natural state of being, which we’ve all forgotten because we have apparently read the Bible.

  14. I agree with the last left comment. It’s perfectly normal and natural. For some of you to be angry, jealous, diguisted… You simply need to think out of the box. Alright? Give it a rest. He’s not a little boy anymore. He’s a young man. He’s allowed to make his own decisions and if this is one of them, then so be it.

  15. Dan you are sooo sick and why do you ave an naked pic of you showing your ..thingy! thats discusting i know your growing up buts thats just straight worng you are sick andi used to like you ,,…. you are suck a jerk to put this pic on the internet!

  16. yeh go Dan!!!!!!! do wat u wan!!! it is part of his job to take risks and he is doing that!

  17. Alright. After that last one I have to leave another comment: It’s not like Dan said, “Let’s put a big ass photo of my penis online.” Seriously people. Grow up.

  18. i agree w/ paulette he is fucking sick!

  19. why dan? do you want to have a pile of girls on you everywhere you go? what the hell is w/ this..”sex appeal” thing? this just shows that you are a jerk and that you arent what you have turned out to be. this is my opinion but i think your way way way to young to be having…!sex! cmon maybe i dont know you that well but you have gone too far! and whats with this “play thing”????? you dont need to be in a play you got good enough reviews for harry potter!!!!! youve gone too way way way too far you should be ashamed of your self for posting pics on the internet you maybe getting older but none of us probably NEVER EVER would have expected to see this on here!!! i think ive made my point and i hope i have made you think about this and you WILL do something about this pic!

  20. =O Daniel Is Gorgeous .. + He’s Got Ah Great Body .. Hoo Can Blame Him For Showin’ Iht Off .. Buht Thers One Pic hat Scares Mee Go Too Google + Type Daniel Radcliffe + Keep oin’ Throo The Pages Yewl Soon See Wat I Mean … <3′ Yeew Daniel .. C’or Tidyyyy ;) =D

  21. wow…umm…kudos to dan. we all now know that there is a future after harry potter. imagine him when he’s twenty-five?! SHOTGUN!!!

  22. okay honestly, i think daniel is amazing! hes a great actor and still young. Yeah he’s taking a risk but i mean damn let the man be. You all act like you’ve never seen a penis before. come on now its a play for cherists sake I for one agree with those who see it as artistic. He has the body for it he got the job because of it. The director would have picked some other hot young man then you all would be sitting here targeting him too. Jeeeez i say go danny go!

  23. For one thing Daniel Radcliffe did NOT take the role to show off his body or to attract anyone. This shows that he is comfortable enough with his body that he can go on stage nude and perform. Can any of you bashers honestly say that you can perform on stage nude and perform greatly? I don’t think so. Daniel Radcliffe is breaking out of the Harry Potter world to perform in more adult roles and to act out roles that he likes. This is NOT about what you or I think Dan should do, but what he enjoys. If every actor only took the roles everyone else thought they should take then no one would be taking chances and no one would be great. What do you think Daniel should do after the Harry Potter movies? He’s not a kid anymore…let him do what he wants!

  24. I support Daniel 100%. I don’t see his nude role as such a big deal. Our society today views nudity as something sinful. We were born nude. The Greek Olympic athlete performed nude. There are still Indian tribes that live nude. Anyway, we shouldn’t be so ashamed of it. It is a form art that he’s experimenting with. Sure, it might not be something we expect from him, but we’ve all seen celebrities that have done worse things. He’s an intelligent young man who can make his own decisions and know what he’s getting himself into. If you don’t want to see him that way than don’t. No one’s forcing you. If you don’t like it then stop bashing him. Keep your comments nasty to yourself and move on. This shouldn’t stop you from watching the Harry Potter movies though. That’s a bit immature, but whatever. You do what makes you feel better. I say what he did takes courage. Way to go Danny!

  25. i think daniel is gorgeous.and he is an amazing actor..and i think that this picture should come off becuz i know that he can do better. and putting this pic up ppl could ruin his career .which is really bad becuz ppl will think he is a sex apeal.which he isnt he is just doing his think..ppl who said that he is sick.{girls] your just jealous your boyfriend isnt this hot.im a girl and yea i am damn jealous but dan if reading you arent hot you are gorgeous..and hot is just a word that means something good but hot for me is like fake

  26. He’s making enough money with Harry Potter, why does he need to do a play, he’s sick, he’s gross, he’s ruining his career. I mean, come on, seriously?!?

    First of all, I have never met a person who would turn downan opportunity to do something they love AND get paid for it. Why shouldn’t he take the chance to perform and make some extra money? And maybe, just maybe, it’s not so much about the money, but the experience. We don’t know this, because we don’t really know him.
    Secondly, he doesn’t NEED to do a play, but he obviously wanted to do one, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing it. Theatre is SO much different than movies or TV. As an actor he should want to get as much experience as possible.
    As for him being sick/gross/sinful/etc., I think the world needs to get over the naked body. Everyone’s seen a penis, what’s so special about his? Besides that, it’s not like he’s staring in some X-rated pornographic movie, he’s in an artistic play. Artistic being the key word.
    Lastly, how can anyone say that he’s ruining his career by doing this?! If anything, I’d say he’s SAVING his career. If he didn’t get out there and do new and different things, he would be Harry Potter his entire life. It’s so hard for actors who star in very popular or series films to get roles that don’t in some way relate to their old characters. Someone up there made a very good point, he is Dan Radcliffe, not Harry Potter. Harry is a fictional character in a book that happened to get turned into a movie. Dan Radcliffe is just a person, playing Harry Potter. But he’s not seen like that. I’m sure that most of you are very happy under the delusion that the guy you’ve seen on the silver screen for the past two years really is Harry Potter, and Harry Potter would never stand naked on stage, so therefore Dan Radcliffe doing full frontal nudity in a play is a terrible career move because he is showing the world that he is a real person, and a talented and smart actor.

    Remember: Everyone is naked underneath their clothes.

  27. People who are freaking out over this are ridiculous. Dan isn’t a little kid anymore; he turns 18 in a matter of days. He didn’t take the role in this play to show off or to add “sex appeal” to his image. He did it to expand his art. Honestly, if actors didn’t push their limits, they would never grow as artists. How many movies nowadays have nude & sex scenes? Those people have to undress in front of others too; it’s the same thing. The fact that Dan did this play shows that he has the balls to do something controversial, and those who see it as “disgusting” or “demeaning” need to grow up & realize that he’s not a child, nor is he Harry Potter. He’s an actor & his line of work requires sacrifice. Kudos to you Dan<3.

  28. He’s a young man now and he has a right to make his own decisions. I’m pretty impressed with his bravery to audition for ‘Equus’. I mean, the character is so complex and Daniel was able to pull it off, So fuck off haters.

    Goodluck and have fun advancing in your career Daniel. ^^ I support you 110%

  29. hi.. i’m so nasty..

  30. i wish we could see more of him if u know what i mean, i am so glad i am attracted to men ask my school they will tell you its is TRUE!!!

  31. I’d hit it.

  32. ağzına sıçtığımın kızıııı o………….rospuuu geberesice kırmızı noktalı sikılmış malllll eşşeğin p…….çi

  33. omg u people r so stupid 2 not wanna c him naked he is buff
    i wouldnt mind being that girl mate i tell ya lol x

  34. you guys are all saying hes saving his carrer?you guys have got it all wrong and ur wrong saying that weve all seen penises before thats sick who would want to see one!!!!! hes young but doing this play might have not done anything he just wanted more publicity!!! and it maybe natural but … im not going to say anything more , cuz you guys are just gonna keep saying”its natural let him do waht he wants to do hes saving his carrer!” hes ruining it and most of all ever since i say this pic i knew that dan …hes not young anymore hes growing up we all know that but putting these pics on the internet ….. thats wrong..plz stop this nudity madness!!!!

  35. and no! hes not a man yet hes SEVENTEEN hes not EIGHTEEN yet!!!!! so and maybe some of us dont even go to church and nobodys even read the BIBLE

  36. hey evry1 1st of all i would like to say something to j.j HE DID NOT F***ING PUT HIS PICTURE ON THE INTERNET someone else did and to all you haterz GET A LYF if you didnt like him so much and thought he was making a bad career move then don’t comment about it let the MAN do what he’s got to do how would you like it if evryone just knew you as a character from a book you wouldn’t appreciate it by doing this he is taking on more challenging role rather than a half muggle boy casting spells with a magic wand,lets be a bit more reasonable please daniel is a great person an actor and he should carry on pursuing his dreamz ROK ON RADCLIFFExxxxxxxxxx

  37. Daniel is maturing in his career and it’s great!! just because hes that little harry potter we all know …doesnt mean he has to be stuck playing tht part forever! plus- there have been plenty more actors/actresses that have taken on roles like this… hes following in their footsteps and following his dreams! RADCLIFFE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i wish i was the one who dan does it 2. he is fine 4ever and he is buff, so buff it makes me scream!!!!!!!!!! daniel is maturing going nude on stage

  39. o for god sake can daniel do anything without being critisized o that sik or he’s not a man so he shoulnt do that its his life he should live it how he wants without you making opinions of him if you dont lyk it dont look and well he is mature enough to do what he wants so just grow up

  40. i have a cuestion for thisz photography he is daniel racdliffe yes or no?

  41. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha SCRAWNY. he should start eating more meat. Why does he want to ef up his career like this. i don’t get it

  42. I think that all the people who are yelling at Daniel Radcliffe are out of place. It is his choice if he wants to take this step, and for you to be so outraged by it is pathetic. You shouldn’t put down someone’s choice if you don’t know the reason for it. And it is called a PENIS people! GROW UP!

  43. This is a good step for Daniel. For all of you out there who are obviously theatrically ignorant, showing a diversity in roles is really important. The fact that Daniel is doing this shows his maturity and devotion to the stage. Nobody knows where it will take his career, but the ambition and bravery is outstanding. I’d like to see one of you get out there and preform lines, remembering stage directions, and being naked. IT only shows his extreme talent, if anything.

  44. man his cock is sexy…he is so hot I just want to give him a blow job and have sexual intercourse with him (and I am a guy) not gay..just want to feel like what it feel’s like with another man, and boy his penis and body is awsome…all that ball hair near his sexy spot….omg lick him

  45. all haters need to stop criticizing dan’s life and worry abt yours. and for people like jj, if you dont like the pictures then dnt look at them! is anyone forcing you? no.. i do read the Bible, and I bet I’m 10x a better Christian than you are. And for you to say you havnt seen a penis..ok may you have seen one in real life.. not even a baby’s penis when you’ve changed a diaper? or in one of the many great Classical Greek, Roman, Renaissance paintings/sculptures? where have you been? Nudity is not a big damn deal. Society has become so narrow-minded and fearful of practically everything..it’s ridiculous. grow up. why are people so afraid of the human body? obviously they have a problem with theirs.

  46. nahh man das jus rong i used 2 find Daniel Radcliffe fitt buh after lukin at dat am put of im well e can do wah e wnts buh cme on das jus rong…

  47. Sorry girl but Daniel is our man!!!!

  48. love com on and meteme tu pit a mi

  49. I am a big Harry Potter and i cant understand why you people, if your really fans, dont support him in wanting to extend his career to being more than just Harry Potter. No matter what you idiots think he isn’t really Harry Potter. They are just movies. He’ll be 18 soon and even if he continues doing the Harry Potter films he needs to do other things as well. He’s not a little kid anymore.

    And as for you people who thinks hes ruining his career. How so? If anything its helping him. When he gets finished with Harry Potter all people would say when they looked at him is “It’s the Harry Potter boy.” Who would want that. If he doesnt do something now to break free from that “stereo-type” if you will, then he would never be cast in anything else.

    If you were real fans you would stand by him no matter what.

    Plus who wouldnt want to see that body. hes sexy. haha.

  50. Go Daniel! Do not let this envious people hinder your success! Your a good actor and they cannot reach you that is why they are jealous of your success!
    Daniel haters are LOSERS!

    Ram from Philippines

  51. you crazy dan….

    don’t try again…

  52. Are you all mental?? It’s his life, you could all learn something from Daniel (not Harry Potter, get out of your imaginary world people, he isn’t a wizard)… He’s living his life for HIM, not you.. Keep your comments to yourself, it’s parasites like you people that keep the paparazzi snapping.

  53. I say good on dan! Its a decent play and it takes a lotof guts and its gonna stop him being type cast

  54. wow. thats sick and wrong. who is that girl?

  55. SHIELA DONT YELL AT ME ! im only stating the fucking facts!

  56. oh yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dan way to go!!!!!!! dont listine to these people cuz all they want to do is to be you but plz dont try again

  57. and i kinda agree its sick and wrong

  58. dan is my man!

    love ya ,

  59. He’s an adult… he may do as he pleases. Appearing onstage naked, by the way, is often times considered artistic expression. And for those of you who say “thingy” when refering to his penis? No one is taking you seriously… Grow up.

  60. i think that daniel has more than enough right to do what ever he wants. he’ll be turning 18 on the 23rd, and that meanz hez an adult. he was jus trying to expand his career and show that he can do more than jus be Harry Potter. hes fantastic at whatever he does, and im going to support him no matter what. all that we should be focusing on, is his performance, which was remarkable. its pretty messed up that you guys support him in one thing, but can’t in another. it doesnt matter your feelings, or beliefs, he has changed the world, and we should stand behind him. and itz kind of a bonus, because its not like hes ugly or anything. hes very handsome, and hes not slacking in the male area..haha*:) stay encouraged..love ya*

  61. I wish that was me so much Daniel is so sexy I’m so jealous man I would not mind in having some of that.

  62. oh grow up he has! and some of you should start with your grammar skills

  63. Dan,
    If you want to go up on stage and show yourself naked, be my guest. All you people that are saying you won’t be a fan of his acting just cause of him being naked then you people are whack. If your true Daniel Radcliffe fans then it wont matter what hes doing. I support it totally.

  64. I don’t think it was bad of you doing it, your just doing what your role tells you to. others shouldn’t take it like its a bad thing. You have a great bod…why not show it? Still love you!!!

  65. woooah.. still love you dood.. its just an art.. its part of being an actor.. love you.. muahmuah.. dont mind those haters.. dang!! your hot!! and it wont affect your career just trust ur self.. ur a good actor!! love lots daniel!

  66. i still love you!! keep up the good work!!! muahmuah!!!

  67. yeah dan ur hot… no thats wrong ur gorgeous, do want u want in life and dont be stuck in the harry potter realms 4eva
    dont listen to whats those bastards say and keep on building up ur career

    ive always loved u and i think ur an amazing actor.

    love me

  68. you are sick dan i dont believe u can do that you were my ideal but not now i hate u

  69. Dan had a clean career! now he ruined it! that was SICK GROSS WRONG!!!! sick people are saying horrible slutty things about him! NO MORE NUDE!!!

  70. i really looove daniel sooooooooooooooooooooo much..but NOT LIKE THAT!!!{NAKED,NUDE,……}he wasn’t that way!!i am soo sad!!but anyway he’s sooo cute!!

  71. oq siiiiignfica isso ? :x

  72. News flash, Dan is not Harry Potter. Alot of you can’t see past that, very sad really. Harry Potter is a fictional person that Dan plays the part of. Any Potter fan knows that after the Deathly Hallows, there will be no more books to follow. So is it fair to say to Dan that he will not be able to continue his acting career because in the small minds of many of you he is only ever going to be Harry.
    Why are so many of you taking this personally anyway? I’m sure that none of you have a personal relationship with the man, unless you happen to be delusional. If the human body in its natural state is such a problem for some of you then here’s an idea, STOP LOOKING, don’t click on the thumb to see “The Naked Harry Potter”. I don’t know the man but I do believe that he is a damn fine actor, and his career is only going to futher itself because of his talent. There will always be the skeptics and the nay sayers, and everyone is entitled to there opinions (how ever small minded they are) but you can never supress true talent.
    Way to go Mr. Radcliffe, be true to youself and thats all that matters!!!!

  73. ,look at you,your very pretty boy..now your nude?! its very ugly to see that there idol just nude & kiss by a unknown girl?!!!i love you dan!!!but you disappoint me…!!! ;(

  74. well wht ever u ppl say abt dan . that he did ther right thing .. i even disagree with it.wht wrong in being called the harry potter boy. i dont think there shud be any shame if ppl said he was the potter boy.. doesn’t dan remember himself saying that i’ll be proud when i grow up and ppl spot me and say ” hey there’s the boy who played Harry Potter !! ” where hav those lines gone now dan .. its my question . I wonder how crazy he is.. once he says that he doesn’t need money and the next moment he is on the stage naked ! wht is wrong with him . didn’t he get enough publicity from Hp ! i dont see that there was any need of playing in equus .. its his life. ah well i cant interfere nor can anybody else but still the fans hav the write to express the views and i am doing that. I must say that for me he’s not harry potter anymore. if he wanted fans to think him other than harry potter than tell him to become happy cuz we fans no longer consider him the potter now.. HAPPY DAN ?? i feel really bad to say this that now i dont have the same respect i used to have for Daniel radcliffe. I hav to except he can do anything for fame.I am not wrong at this !! WWHTS THE TALENT IN SHOWING YOUR NAKED BODY TO PEOPLE ??? I dont see any “LOGIC” i that !! i dont see the same innocence in his face anymore. it shud hav been better if WB had changed Harry Potter’s role player . .the great DANIEL RADCLIFFE !! a bteer person than him. who cared atleast and understood that he was too damn young for this !!
    WHt a shame !!

  75. i dont know but he makes me sick

  76. hes not young hes about to be 18

  77. Half you people don’t know the first thing about theater.
    I, as a stage actress, aplaude him; I think he’s brave for taking such a hard role. I mean especally when he knew there would be idiots out there who wouldn’t understand. I hope he does many more roles on the stage. Theater isn’t about show, it’s about telling the story.
    If you can’t tell Harry Potter apart from Dan, you have real problems.
    I could go on and on about this, but it all boils down to the fact that most of you just don’t understand theater.

  78. yeh i agree with sweeny todd, u guys no nothing about theater and lets face it if i had a body like that id show it off even if it was for the experience, but still, i dont think i ‘d would have had sex on stage.
    dan u dont make me sick and i still idolise u just plz dont do sometyhing stupid like that again.
    luv u

  79. It’s kind of pathetic to be bashing him. I had my doubts about him being able to pull of a role, but he seems to be grown up enough to be able to handle it. Everyone else should be too. Dan is an exceptionaly well actor, and I say that especialy after seeing his performance in OotP, which I’m very much so blown away by it. It was brilliant. I can see him doing many things in his future, things further from Harry Potter. Everyone should just grow up and except the fact that when he’s not wearing the glasses, he’s not Harry.

    I would love the see the play, if he comes to NYC. Why? Because on, I think he’s hot, and two, because I’ve seen the play before and after reading the reviews I think he’ll be very well in the role.

  80. ewww!!! i cant belive he has the guts to show his penis on stage in front of all those ppl…….
    …..anyway he’s growing up, cant blame him….:) he can’t be HARRY POTTER forever. (i would love to see the play though!!!!! <3)

  81. i think dan iz fukin hot….!!!

  82. OMG!!! Girls.. Have U seen the size of his Hmm-Hmm?! It’s GOD DAMN HUGE!!! But I would do anything to see Equus.. Not because of his ‘big talent’, but I think Danny is the most amazing actor!!!

    Love from Denmark

  83. Just want to confirm of what Henriette’s said.
    His private part is…. what should I say….to die for???
    ha ha ha

  84. I think that you people are all wrong. i think that dan is an awesome actor and he is hott and he should do what he wantes to do. he will be 18 soon so yea. rock on dan. love you.!!!!!

  85. i would so like to meet you sometime dan….that would be very cool and i love the harry potter movies. in fact i went and seen it on the first day that it came out. and i want to let you know that i support you 100% on whatever you want to do. well gotta go……….i would like to meet you sometime or email you so yea. well love ya

  86. daniel radcliffe is sexy as fuk man he can put his penis in my mouth

  87. For god sake hes an actor and people get realistic if the role means he has to get naked then he has to get naked. Hes not playing Daniel hes playing his chrachter unless ur in the performing industry then i dont think u understand the depth of roles and any way no ones makin u look!! o and yes he has a nice body!!

  88. AHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!! Ok i officialy forbid Daniel Radcliffe to do anything without clothes on from here on for ever and ever amen! i know that the harry potter gig will end after two more movies but why does he resort to being nude??? i really liked him in his wizarding outfit! now being naked just wecks those pearicing blue eyes, that messy black hair and ohhhhh that smile! but on an invisability cloak if your going to be naked dan! god!!!!

  89. Okay, seriously. Some of you need to get over it. He’s growing up, he’s an ACTOR, and he’s freakin’ sexy as hell! If he wants to go nude, let him! He’s old enough to make his own decisions. If he has to go naked for a role, then he should go for it. If I had a body like that, I would strip down all the time! No, just kidding. But good for you Dan! You’re hott!

  90. Wow. yall people get way to into this mess dont you. let the boy do what ever he wants. to each his own man. and being naked is perfectly natural. people use to do it all the time. it would only bother you if your not mature enough to see somebody naked and not think ” Oh my Lord! A man-whore! SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX!!!” this wouldnt have been that bad years ago. our society has just brain washed every one. so what? he has a penis. so dose every other guy on this planet. he just prefers a nice healthy breeze around his. IS THAT SO WRONG????

  91. Dan!you’re cool.even naked.
    love ya
    you’r sweetheart

  92. wELL NOW WE KNOW THAT Daniel is not Cercumsized like most
    Americans. and that he has Gut’s , and clearly is going to contenue to Act, through out his life as an Actor. You Bashers! are idiot’s Daniel Knows what he’s doing, or he woulden’t have taken the Role, He’s working even though he is EXTREMELY RICH,. and does not have to work ! it is obviouls he takes his Acting carrie, serious, and everyone is talking about him , (first rule in His Biz, keep them talking about you !
    Awosme Daniel, ,You obviously are well adjusted and have a good and healthy since of self, I can see you going on to do Greater and greater Things! will watch and learn!
    A California Comment! Mover over Brad Pit

  93. its not my fault i jusst want to shove my BROOMSTICK in her chamber of secrets if you know what i mean.

    • hey danny i watched your movies since i was 2!!!! i love u !!! and i agree with what u say thx

  94. What tha hell! that’s nasty he is handsome but, he didnt should this.

  95. why did u do this dan i love u very much so i want to kiss u

  96. HOLY-CRAP-WOW! I WANT IN HIS PANTS! <3 fk you haters! He is HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Ommfgosh! *orgi* LOLOL

  97. so wat is he was naked if adam and eve didnt eat that friiut we would have benn all naked hahaha

  98. You should understand something:DAN IS AN ADULT.He can do whatever he wants in his own life even this is right or wrong..so stop dudging him for his choises..

  99. yah ok yet some ppl are upset with this and he ISNT HARRY POTTER in real life so he can do what ever he wants, but ppl i dont think its that kewl to post pic of him naked with some other girl thats just a little to much info for me of what could or is happen ok…

  100. LOL- all of you people out there that is saying his nude part in a theatrical preformance is sick, wtf is wrong with you? Do you shower with your clothes on? Do you think babies come from the stork? Seriously, you ignorant pigs, grow up. Vulva arent called ‘peepee’s’ and Penises arent called ‘thingers’…no wonder stupidity is perpetuating itself, you people eventually have children!

  101. hey ppl… leave it man!! its his life and he has the right to do wat ever he wants…. wat the fuck is wrong wid u ppl…??? we all have to be in this stage on or the other day… and he has done it as a part of an art so… wats the big deal… chill out and let him go on his own way….. he can’t be harry potter always…!!!! so just shut ur mouth ppl… and let him do watevr he wants.. u can’t support him atleast don’t curse him… go on danny…. its ur life live it wid pride..!!! :)

  102. for the love of God, peoplez!! God made us naturally naked! we’re not born with clothes! daniel is not sick! it’s not like he’s doing porn! you’ve seen yourself naked, what makes that any different?? the human body is a very beautiful thing, and people need 2 realize that naked is natural and naked does NOT mean sex!! we’re not meant to have clothes in the first place! sheesh peoplez! if you’re disgusted by this picture, then ya’llz need 2 grow up and realize that WE’RE ALL NATURALLY NAKED!!!! and if you’re too immature to think outside of the box then don’t even bother postin a comment!! jeez!! O_o;; God bless! <33

  103. lol J, vulvas aren’t called peepees and penises aren’t called thingers. lol. you’re right though!!

  104. i feel sick! he should keep up his healthy carrier.. plus its not ok at all…who said it is ok is a real sick !!!!!!


  106. You guys are ridiculous. Either that or you don’t understand the fact that Dan is AN ACTOR. he isn’t harry potter. His character in Equus is an extremely difficult role to play, and from what I heard through reviews, he did an amazing job playing it. In case you didn’t stop to think, once the Harry Potter series has concluded, Dan is going to have a rough time finding more jobs as an actor, because EVERYONE sees him as Harry Potter, and nothing else.

    Dan didn’t choose this role because there is a nude scene in it. He chose it because it is a difficult role to play and it helped him grow as an actor. Tell me, what is sick about the human body? He isn’t up there doing porn. He is doing theatre. There are dozens of plays which requires actors to be nude at times. There is nothing strange about it. Theatre is Art. As is the human body. How can you have a problem with that? If it is such an issue, i have a simple solution. DON’T LOOK AT THE PICTURES.

  107. and kudos to everyone else who stuck up for him with valid points. i didn’t read the posts above mine before i posted.

  108. ok. first of all, daniel radcliffe is hottt with or without clothes on. if you don’t like it, then don’t look. it’s not “sick,” it’s not “wrong,” it’s what he wants to do. if you think otherwise, then you’re allowed to have your own opinion. and daniel is allowed to do whatever he wants. i hate people who think their opinion is the only right one. think about how much better the world would be if everyone let everyone else have their own opinions and didn’t throw a fit when someone has a differing opinion. daniel radcliffe can do whatever the hell he wants, and he happens to look very sexy regardless of what he’s doing, so deal with it.

  109. i think its so funny to hear all these comments putting daniel radcliffe down. some of u people act like its the end of the world cuz u saw naked pictures of him…cry me a river. and i bet that half of these comments are left by 10 year old kids that jus had there poor eyes scarred cuz they saw “harry potters” penis…but the fact of the matter is, is hes NOT harry potter. hes a growing actor thats trying out new things. so all u little kids…WOW, u saw a dick…get over it…or dont look at it.

  110. haha, way to go meg. I was reading some news articles, and apparently there were a lot of parents complaining about Dan Radcliffe performing this specific role. one letter said, “my children look up to Dan as a role model. This should not be allowed. I can guarantee that in the future, we will not be buying any dan radcliffe merchandise or going to see any of his future shows.”

    Some people are so close minded it makes me sick.

  111. I think it is pretty hot that he is full blown nude.. I want to see the play now..

  112. ok so you people need to remember that harry potter is make believe. i would say fictional but that is kind of a big word for ya. he is pretty much an adult and should be able to do what he wants without judgement. even though i really like him in harry potter we all must remeber that this is simply a charater in a book that he happened to portray. Go Dan….

  113. Right on Dan! You rock my world!!! Tell your HP director that we need to see more of this side of you, I like what I see!!!!!! (and i see your penis)

  114. There is talk of him reprising his role on Broadway sometime next year. He is legally allowed to do it in the U.S. after he turns 18 next week….I might be taking a trip out to NYC

  115. you are super cute and hot but
    in my own opinion i dont like u doing
    this…i know is normal and artistic
    but youre really young to be doing
    this type of things.

    estas super cute y guapo
    pero no me gsuta k agas eso
    si es natural y artistico pero
    ps tu estas demaciado peke para hacer
    desnudos traducido al ingles

  116. im crazy for you

  117. naked in bed…that’s not so excited;) he can’t stop talking and jokeing…;/ like a little boy…that’s a bit irritaing…like alays. Dan, be serious…sometimes;) seeU at 5..And don’t be late!! ;):*

  118. karely amante de harry…

    he’s 18 next week. LEGAL ADULT. I’m not quite sure why people can’t seem to grasp that point…

  119. dan do me a favour next time kiss me!

  120. Dan u r totally sexy! Oh wish i was the lead in EQUUS

  121. DUDE DAN IS F***EN HOT stop criticizong him people!
    i love harry in a non sexual way though!
    keep up the nude scenes Dan!

  122. she’s a prostitude

    and dan your a mother fucker

  123. For anyone to say that is ‘sick’ or whatever, your basically sad. It called preforming in a play. Like i don’t go praising him for being naked but he grown up for god sake, he can do as he pleases. I have admired Daniel since he first cam on screen :) Love your work.


  124. I have read a bunch of comments that consist of harry getting chastized for his role in Equus…but I have yet to hear a valid argument as to why it is so wrong. Please, Educate me as to why it is so “sick” or “wrong”

  125. look people back OFF its his job and his decision not urs ok

  126. by the way, i meant to say, “Dan”, not “Harry”…whoops. just getting a little excited for tonight’s book release i guess. =D

  127. Dan, I’ve always thought u we’re just an innocent actor not this naked SICKO!!!

  128. PLEASE! Daniel Radcliffe’s just an actor! so just let him do whatever he thinks will help on his career! Daniel Radcliffe is NOT Harry Potter!! Snap out of it!

  129. daniel fucking radcliffe! how could he do such a horrible thing like this. i dont want to see his pee pee.(yesss we do!) isnt he suppose to be a role model for little kids come on now. now all those little perverted girls are gonna try and look for those penis pictures. im glad hes a nother source of porn now. he just killed harry fucking potter. ew hes just a nasty british hairy fag.

    thankss for reading what i have to say :)

    i love you harry potter! <3

  130. look at that british douche bag!!!!!
    dude i knew that guy would eventually end up doing somthing like that!!!maybe he should be taking it in the ass by some big black guy named peaches or some shit.kids all over the world are probably scarred for life because their favorite novel character is a goddamn perv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well i dnt know what eles to say but ALL BRITISH PEOPLE ARE FAGS!!!!!


  132. wow all i can say is wow i cant believe he did that!!!!! i dont even want to see the rest of the movies now, either that or ill shut my eyes everytime he’s on screen.i mean who would WANT to have sex and be nude for th whole world to see that’s just wrong and gross and i really hope that people dont see the new moies coming so they dont have to see daniel”s disguisting fAace up on the screen after that!!!!

  133. u guys have got it all wrong, 4 gods sake hes an actor and its his decision not urs.!!!!!!!!!
    anyway thats in the past now and we cant change the past now can we get over it , hes hot and every1 should stop critising him
    hes 18 in 2 days and ur making him feel bad about himself, cant u cunts leave a guy alone!!!!!!!!!

    dan keep up the good work and follow ur own path dont let any1 tell u wat 2 do!!!!
    i think ur georgeous and dont let any1 get u down b4 ur big day

  134. diosssssssssss pense que lo nuestro era especial como pudiste

  135. Buddi Imagine You Were An actor Like Dan Radcliffe i wish i was an actor ok well anyways
    IF the director tells him to do that then he
    has too if its his choice
    he choose to do it its his mother fuckin life
    not yours deal with it
    i mean they Shud make more
    harry potter movies there all gr8
    he looks great with those wizard costumes
    come on dan please make more harry potter movies
    i mean like if he wants everyone to see his cock
    then let him be
    dont give him a hard time
    like he already does

  136. Haha. I have one with his jungular hanging out! Take a look!


  137. Or do this one its Easier!

  138. just leave him alone guys

  139. excactly leave dan alone its his choice with wat he does no 1 can help the fact that he went on stage naked and had sex cause thats in the past and no 1 can change that
    hes 18 2morrow 4 gods sake leave him be
    every 1 calm down so wat u saw dans dick who cares no big deal its not as if its the end of the world is it?
    anyway hes gorgeous and who wouldnt want to show off a body like that.
    im not even 13 and i can get over that fact.
    so stop worrying about someone elses life and get on with ur own.
    if u were all true fans then u would be supporting him instead of making him feel bad.

    dan dont listen 2 the dickheads, be ostomistic not pesamicstic
    and stay sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Daniel, I think you r a really good guy and a great actor, but I’m confused as to why you would take a role in this sort of play. Despite my dissaproval, I wish you the best luck. Oh, and Happy Birthday tomorrow.

  141. all i can say is danielle was so yummy haha…

  142. how can i watch it i from viet nam pls answer my question by send my mail sunshinett@yahoo.com

  143. Danial radcliff rules i love him buh i dont like him doin this stuff !!! its absurd and sick its diiscusting !!

  144. [img]http://news.softpedia.com/images/extra/large/elena.gorgan_potter_large.jpg[/img]
    gosh i wish he makes more harry p movies
    but i support him
    but its so weird seeing him on tv
    its like wow ive seen a celebs penis

  145. i just found out there needs to be a frontal nude sence lol i love that his ass is nice and cute i need to see the movie to jack to this sence

  146. I personaly don’t support this role but cummon this is his life. He is a very attractive person and with that bodie i would show it off. I’m pritty sure that almost every girl that has seen him has a kind of “crush” and think that this is the wrong choice for him but let him live his wife the way he want’s to. If i actually see the movie (witch i didn’t) i might have a different persective and i think you all might to.

    well i can’t wait for the 6th harry potter movie and daniel i hope you stay as SEXY as you r!

  147. look people its not like daniel came on here and posted those pictures of himself! hell he was on late night with connen obrian saying that he doesnt even read reviews or websites about himself! he is doing his job and i say GO DAN! if he wants to explore he acting capabilites so be it! yall shouldnt judge him for something daring! its not wrong its art! if you dont like it then dont look at it! dan–youre great and i hope you keep up the great work love!

  148. i used to like him but know i am sick and distcusted bye him im he is such a man hore nd a slut and oh he is such a bastard take that u peice of shit

  149. Okay, before anyone says, “Ugh, I can’t believe Daniel chose to do this,” read the storyline of Equus. It’s actually quite good—creepy, but good. It’s about a boy named Alan who has a fixation with horses and blinds six horses after being humiliated in front of a female he wants to have intercourse with. Yeah, the way I described it probably wasn’t the best, but everyone just GROW UP. Please.

  150. why omg why
    ur killing me dan
    hes makin me sick

  151. the stupidity of all of u makes me gag. radcliffe duznt put his pics online, hez got othr ppl 2 do that 4 him. hez not a man but he has a mind 2 make hiz own decisions. 4 those of u who r “sick” GROW UP. hez freakin 17 nd growing 4 crying out loud! at least hez not shooting sum gay european porn like sum othr people in that continent do! b mature ppl, i feel like theres just a bunch of kindrgardenrz ovr here acting disgusted bcuz sum famous guy is in an overly blurry pic that exposes his ass in an unclear way. oh gee. 4 all those grlz who r jealous i hav 2 ask, out of the millionz of fans he has, wut makes u think u hav a chance of being with radcliffe? u thought he’ld fly on his broom 2 ur house? u ppl r quite pathetic 2 think so bcuz it’ll nevr happen, unless ur a freakin hot actress who he knows. u ppl make me laugh bcuz of ur foolish thoughts. ha. ha. ha.

  152. Cool…………………

  153. Many of us know that Harry Potter is a big, scratch that HUGE seller and almost everyone has read or seen the movies. For many of the acters in harry potter since it was such a big hit, they walk though a town and when everyone around them relize who it is, they don’t say their real names like “OMG it’s Daniel radcliffe!!!!” they say “OMG it’s Harry Potter!!!!” or who ever the actor is. many young kids only know him as Harry potter and to Daniel I bet that is like a prison, taking that role as Harry Potter sealed his fate so to speak. At the time of the first movie where he was what age 11, staring in a big screen movie was every kids dream and he got his wish, it was great an all and as the years pasted he soon relized that when he said yes to star as Harry Potter, he was changing his life forever. You’d think that being a multi- million movie actor would be great but what the lot of you fail to relize is that Dan has feelings and is just like anyone of you, money and fame can be a dream and a curse, ask anyone or better yet look at the pictures of celebs on the front page of gossip magazines. All these people who are shown on big screen movies are very famous and you know the updates every other day. Do you relize the damage that is done by the paprazi? How many lies have unearthed the cold truth and in the end brought the actor down in humilation. Yes they smile and wave but do any of you have any idea what it’s like to be faced with hafe-crazed fans and millions of cameras everyday and when we walke though a park, we don’t have to worry about a flash of a camera, where as these people have put their lifes out there and are constantly trying to keep things a secret that could, in the end bring them to crumple. I’ll tell you once, Actors and Actresses are just like you and me, the only real life changing difference is that their right to privcy is stripped away.

    Daniels an actor for Gods sake, he can’t just be know as Harry Potter for the rest of his life, get it though your thick skulls.

    Daniel I’m proud you took a step father into you acting career and I want you to know that everythough many are disgusted by your part in the play, there are still others out there who know that it took you great courage and strenth to take a step. We’re stil behind you even if you don’t know it.

  154. daniel radcliffe:
    happy birthay to you…
    I love you
    My mail is sofiloca_santafe@hotmail.com please add me to your contacts
    Im speak spanich Im not speak english
    bye bye
    you fans number one

  155. uJuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu DaN Ze
    Ve iNcRe
    q cOzAz cArAi
    zI EzToI EnaMoRaDa dE El
    AhOrA EzToI
    Lo q lE ZiGuE D Lo eNaMoRaDa

  156. hey daniel,
    i wish i was that girl in the picture..lucky bitch

  157. lol, i love to see what I missed after being gone from this blog for only a couple days.

    It’s funny, because no one has answered my question yet:


    at least attempt to give me a reason, so I can believe that you actually are capable of intelligent thought and reasoning.

    and then i will tell you why this isn’t a poor choice in his career at all.

  158. Many of the Harry Potter characters are “broadening their horizons” because they don’t want to be known as “Harry Potter”, “Hermione Granger”, or “Ron Weasley” anymore. They’ve been in the first five movie, with only two to go, why quit? If you’ve been in five the world will know you as Harry, Ron, and Hermione forever. Or the little kids will.
    As to this photo, the administrators of this website should ban these photos, they are degrading to Dan, he is playing more adult roles because he is become more adult. Cut him some slack!

  159. At least there are still some people who understand whats going on around these actors. they at least have the brains to think about others and put themselves in others shoes. Thank you to those who agree with me that Daniel radcliffe made a step forward instead of a step back as so many people think he has done.

  160. happy birthday 4 yesterdyy day ur 18 and u have the choice to do wat eva u want to do

  161. happy birthday 4 yesterdyy day ur 18 and u have the choice to do wat eva u want to do u know i wish i was that age then i wouldnt have to listen to nagging parents however much i love them

  162. Why is everyone saying how horrible it is? I think it’s wonderful that he is doing other things other then Harry Potter, and I think that it is good for his career, that play was a big thing for him I bet, I just think it wonderful and He’s a wonderful actor!

  163. hi Dan !
    comment ‘bot your picture….”WoW”!!!
    actually i just wanna making friend with u.
    and sharing about our culture background.
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  164. bue eso no ce eso es tuproblema en hacerel sexo actuando en una obra no el nuestro

  165. happy biday!!!! srry i was not on the internet but happy bday i hpoipe youhad sex to enjoy yestersday!!!!

  166. OMG…I totally wish I was her…no clothes and all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daniel is soooo good looking!! There’s a couple of magic tricks I’d like to try woth him…

  167. why.. why… dan…

    but i still love u…

    you’re so so so sexy…

  168. daniel that its not cool u dessapointed me but i stiill loving u

  169. I have read Equus and it is a WONDERFUL piece, and is one of my favorites. It’s no surprise to me that someone like Dan would want to be in it. He’s a very talented actor who has just proved that he is fully capable of diverse, and more challenging roles.
    Why everyone is so insulted by this is ridiculous. And why should any of this be about publicity? You guys make no sense. With his ability, Dan is clearly going to continue with a successful career. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s really sexy. ;)

  170. i wish i could shove my cock up that tight ass and cum in it.

  171. hey dan can u send me an email. i’d send u one its just thst i dont know ur adress.
    i really need to send it to u. and i cant send it any other way my email is horsie_mosie@hotmail.com. pleaqse email me its getting urgent now
    see yas.
    ps. dan plz plz plz email me

  172. gila top bgt

  173. i love dan

  174. *inhale* *exhale* *inhale* *exhale*

    *clears throat*
    Will can I make a point? …yes…okay.



  175. All of you are calling Daniel a “jerk” or “disgusting” but sex is natural, and thousands of years ago there were no clothes, they were made to keep people warm but are now used to hide “private parts” Do you know how many plays have nudity? Its an expression in a work of art. Its not like he is on a porn site. Anyways, he can do what he wants, I know I would not want to be Harry Potter forever. So grow up

  176. I’m sorry, I have to sound out on this.

    There’s 12 and 13 yr old CHILDREN becoming parents, and all you guys are fussing over is a nude pic of an actor?! He doesn’t want to be the boy wizard for the rest of his life!! I say, let the MAN do what he wants. It’s not hurting you any. If you don’t like it, then don’t look.

    And J.J. I don’t quite see what religion has to do with Daniel Radcliffe’s acting career. My mother was a devout Christian, and had 2-3 affairs on my dad!! I’m pagan, and I have been nothing but faithful to my fiance of 2 years!! So, to put it bluntly, religion is moot when it comes to acting!!

    Daniel’s growing up, he’s not a child anymore, and this is how he’s maturing his imgae and carrer.

    For those of you who say it’s “gross” and “disgusting” then never have heterosexual sex. Either way you go, there’s a PENIS involved. If done tastefully, nudity is art.

    Also, if you’re going to boycott Daniel Radcliffe for this, you really do need a hobby. So run along, little morons, run along.

    In short, I say GO FOR IT DAN, I’M BEHIND YOU 200%!!!!

  177. I think the only reason peple are really disgusted are the males and the ones who saw him as harry potter because harry was inicent. i am kinda disgusted but because i c him as harry potter not daniel but still i kinda dont like him anymore and wish 4 him not to do that at least intill the Harry Potter series is over

  178. Wow, the people freaking out about this need to grow up. Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter, please. Equus, if anyone has even read or seen the play, is a tasteful work of ART. If all you care about is Harry Potter, then don’t look at the Equus stuff. No one’s holding a gun to your head. Have enough respect for Radcliffe as an actor to let him make his own choices. I, personally, think it was a huge step forward to do something like this. Alan Strang is an immensely complex character, and not one that any old actor could play. The nudity in this play is ART, nothing else.

  179. (4 the girl or person above) ^ u like daniel and not just like a favorite acter huh cuz it sounds like u just wanted to c his body

  180. I wish i could be that girl right now. I want some of that

  181. “(4 the girl or person above) ^ u like daniel and not just like a favorite acter huh cuz it sounds like u just wanted to c his body”

    First, you need to read what I said, because I didn’t say anything about Daniel Radcliffe and whether or not he was my favourite actor. I just said RESPECT the damn kid if you like him. Just because he puts on those Harry Potter glasses for the movie doesn’t mean that he IS Harry Potter and has to confine himself to that role, which, I might add, is career suicide.

    Another thing, you must be incredibly narrow-minded to be disgusted by art. All you can see is porn. Says a lot about your mind, dear. I suggest you shelve out the necessary 12 bucks and read the damn play. Of course, it’ll probably be too complex for you.

  182. Damn a little testy on the matter of radcliffe huh and at no point i said i was digusted by it. if u look at it closely i wrote that maybe u might like equus and encourage dan because u just wanted to c his body and penis. and 4 the matter of me “sheleving out the necessary 12 bucks” i already saw it and read the play. i was a little concered but it is his life so his choices and as far as respecting him, why will would he need my respect as long as i am not talking any s**t right? sorry if i offended u in any way. hahahahahah

  183. Damn a little testy on the matter of radcliffe huh and at no point i said i was digusted by it. if u look at it closely i wrote that maybe u might like equus and encourage dan because u just wanted to c his body and penis. and 4 the matter of me “sheleving out the necessary 12 bucks” i already saw it and read the play. i was a little concered but it is his life so his choices and as far as respecting him, why will would he need my respect as long as i am not talking any s**t right? sorry if i offended u in any way hahaha. the ones should get all pissy is at the girls now saying “i wish i could use his wand” or “he could ride me”

  184. wow, someone, you make no sense, and i don’t just mean your crap spelling and grammar! dunno why you think it’s not important to respect an actor you care about, and where in hell did you get the idea that this Mandy person wanted to see a penis from her comment? you are so, so weird. please go back to school and get an education, haha.

  185. you guys should look at his entry, it says that some girls said that about him after the play. also he said that Daniel didn’t need his respect but he didn’t say he didnt respect him. As far as his spelling goes are you an english teacher or just a cranky old lady just out to correct the world. i think that Daniel made a good choice about acting in Equus i mean he isn’t going to stay as harry potter forever. P.S. for Ali if i have any grammar and or spelling errors try to keep them to yourself because i really don’t care

  186. do dan u da man

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  188. is he really havin sex whith that girl ON STAGE?

  189. aaaaaaaaaaaa! for gods sake! you fucking annoying people saying: “he has grown up” or the classic “he is not Harry Potter”. I think most people already KNOWS this, and if they didnt know it before there are like 30000 morons who have make it pretty clear.? No, he is not Harry Potter, he is an actor. The thing is (my opinion) that the play is scary and daniel radcliffe really disgust me. euuwww.

  190. SHAVE AND GET A TAN!!!!!!!

  191. how tall is he? like 1.60 something?

  192. oh raga!!!!! daniel e` cresciuto mika e un bambino….ha tutti i diritti d fare quel kazzo ke vuole!! nn e piu il piccolo bambino ke era una volta…e` maturato…diventato un uomo…. e la cosa piu naturale ke ci sia al mondo…i bastardi sno quelli ke l’hanno fotografato e messo una roba cosi`personale al pubblico… vai cosi ke sei forte!!!!e fregarene d quello ke dikono su d te!!!

  193. oh raga!!!!! daniel e` cresciuto mika e un bambino….ha tutti i diritti d fare quel kazzo ke vuole!! nn e piu il piccolo bambino ke era una volta…e` maturato…diventato un uomo…. e` la cosa piu naturale ke ci sia al mondo…i bastardi sno quelli ke l’hanno fotografato e messo una roba cosi`personale al pubblico… vai cosi ke sei forte!!!!e fregatene d quello ke dikono su d te!!!

  194. Some of the crap you people leave on here is so wrong. Seriously people get a life, my god it’s like yo’ve never seen a naked boy before. jeesh, they’re blastered all over the flipping internet. God people get over it and get a flippin’ life. Dan has one and he really doesn’t give a damn about what some of those “oh I’m Mrs. radcliffe” sluts. seriously just get over it, it’s not the end of the world, my god.

  195. Hey lay off of him…at least it art…the theater…yes hes “Harry Potter” but 1st and formost he is an actor….Let us not forget Punk rocker Pete Wentz..bassist for Fall Out Boy…he let it hang out on the web…and that was just an accident…Daniel was doing it in a theater as a part of a play…I just wish it was here in the states i would have wanted to see it

  196. You guys are really a trip. I bet most of you criticizing Dan for his nude appearance are probably some of the first to defend Lindsay or Paris. People are people. Dan’s an actor and the choices he makes are for the betterment of himself and of his career. It’s not mandatory that you see the play. It’s not mandatory that you search for nude photos of Dan… so you guys really need to get it together.

  197. ok, yes its different to hogwarts but at least he is showing he can do other roles and the fact he is ok with not just sticking to one role is great!
    you do dan x

  198. I think that the ppl who insist that what he is doing is wrong are wack… its his choice not anyone elses. Its the human body not a foren object everyone knows what it looks like so get a life

  199. i wish he would turn around i that photo

  200. What does that RAM think? Dan haters are loozers? I think you Fk’n faggot that Dan is going nuts! and I don’t care who posted this s2pid photo but I thibk Dan is just looking 4 publicity and He’s not even atractive! I mean just look at him, he’s not fit for this stuff. And I know when people r fit for this stuff. Like Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Sienna Gullory look hot, but him? His boy is still young. AND HE LOOKS REALLY STUPID! HE’S NOT FIT FOR THIS STUFF!!!!!! and it’s alright to idolize, and support him but I think he looks dumb

  201. wrong, just wrong

  202. dan!!!! is that REALLY U???
    u upset all of da gay

  203. You all have mental problems! he is not sick! He is insane and is worse than sick! He should die!

  204. daniels so hot:D i <3<3 daniel for doing this play…. see i fancied rupert grint before this but not anymore:D

  205. i support him completely its a huge step in his carrier and he is amazingly brave to be able to do that

  206. it is just sick he did this role! im not talking in terms of him being harry potter and trying to keep up that image. its just pathetic that any human being would go out in public naked and do the things he does on stage! have some decency man. how would anyone like their child/spouse/sibling to go out naked in public?? think of it that way.

  207. I’d go out naked in public if I knew I wouldn’t get arrested for showing off the good. =P

  208. damn, he’s got a hot ass and I’m sure they were very exhilarated from doing this scene. it is a true expression of art.

  209. wow. some of you people must really hate your own bodies if you dont like seeing daniel radcliffe nude. WELL GUESS WHAT GUYS! HE MASTERBATES TOO! JUST LIVE EVERYONE. get the hell over it, he did it for the role, and maybe a little drama and you are all feeding off it so badly, and im feeding off you all annoying me.

  210. go dan, you rocks! hey everyone, grow up! daniel is a young man, he can do whatever he wants.

  211. I don’t support Daniel Radcliffe because I hear he takes showers in the nude…. can you believe it? How sick is that!? GET THE BATHING SUIT OUT, DAN!!

    As a side note, I’m pretty sure the weenie pic people keep mentioning is a great big fake.

  212. Dan is NOT Harry Potter, get that? He can do what he wants. He’s an ADULT now. A-D-U-L-T.

  213. hi daniel radcliffe how are you today Daniel, Emma , Rupert i miss you i do care huge fans ‘ of Harry pottr

  214. As an aspiring actress myself I would like to ask people to please just grow up. The nudity that he displays in this production is not for anyones sexual enjoyment, or to make him self look like so ‘bad ass hottie’ or something. Nudity has been used in art for centuries people! Paintings, drawings, etc! And all of this bull shit about him being ‘Harry Potter” and Harry shouldn’t do that needs to stop too. He is DANIEL RADCLIFFE thats what it says on his birth cirtificate not Harry Potter. Being an actor/actress means you always go for the partsthat YOU want. I’m currently playing the role of Babbette in my schools production of Beauty and the Beast and just because my character is slutty, does not make meone as well. The same goes for Dan; just because he got up on stage naked does not make him a bad person! All I have to say to him is ‘Right on Dan!’ Lots of people have trouble getting on stage period, but to get up there in the nude takes a lot of guts. Keep up the good work Dan and just ignore the comments of people who don’t get it. And agin I say to all you people who have a problem with it; grow up, or don;t look at the pictures. That simple.

  215. OK PEOPLE. grow up! honestly. he is an adult. it was not his choice to put those pictures online! for all of you deluded people saying he is “sick” and he “disgusts you”… what’s your problem? sure, nudity can be a private thing, but he was playing a very controversial role and it was vital to the plot and action in the story. i mean seriously, you people take showers (hopefully) and you are naked! do you look in the mirror and go “oh my god i disgust myself for being naked!”? NO. you don’t. and i know there are people out there going “yeah but daniel is doing it in front of millions of people!” so what? doing this performance not only strenghtened his career by breaking outside the protective barrier of Harry Potter, but he is proving himself to be a man, capable of making his own decisions. So people, just STOP. he is not hurting you in any way. this was HIS decision, not YOURS. Hats off to you, Daniel!

  216. i love you dan but i dont think why you do such fucking thing!!!!

    yes i know that i love to be with naked but not in stage dan!!!!!!

    keep privacy your popular enough to do that!!!!!!!

  217. we were all born naked

  218. oh Dan why have u done this stupid naked role i fell in love with u when i saw u in Harry Potter.From now please dont sign up for such films pleaseeeeeeeee

  219. oh dan u are soo sexy i love u i wish i was in bed with u and u humoing me i love you and ur dick mmmm

  220. oh dan u are soo sexy i love u i wish i was in bed with u and u humoing me i love you and ur dick mmmm i wish u wud kis my puss and ohh this is makin me horny

  221. ummm….Sweety I think you should keep those thoughts to yourself. He’s cute and all but your taking it to the extreme here.

  222. shutup all you negative freaks!!!!!!1them together make me have an erection!!!!!sexy!!!!!

  223. brenda wanna go out your so hot i like your style!!!!!!!!

  224. mannnn….I wonder what his co partners of happry potter are saying lmfao..hermione have a comment?

    Daniel, i want you to go down on me and eat me out and fuck me and ill suck ur dicka nd cum in my face and you can suck my boobs and do what you want hehe…

    anyone down for webcam watching me fuck?

    Myspace.com/lesbiankk :P

  225. you guys r disgusting daniel is just trying to live his life so let him live it
    how wud u like it if sum1 screwed up ur life
    and i agree with hp addict u may think this but the whole world may not want to know this tho
    so just SHUT UP!!!!! there is too much argment on this site.
    and hot dog u cant date sum1 proper;y over the internet

  226. Whoa. Awsome Cock go Radclife show it off. Let Guys suck it!

  227. omg… joanna christie’s hot but.. duude wtf .. thats just wrong haha XD


  229. honestly he can do wat he effing wants and how the fuckin hell has no one gotten a fuckin clear pic of him naked on stage?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  230. Both my son and I are actors — at a much lesser level obviously — and the point is art is a sacred gift and this is a very famous play of which I am grateful he chose. I would fully support my 17yr old son were he to make the same decision IF he were to have many years in the business like Daniel. ~God Bless ya Daniel and I wish we were able to fly over and see it. We’ve heard nothing but great reviews. Be proud.

  231. I am STUNNED… to read all of the negative comments on here. Its really shocking to me that so many would take offense to this. You all ‘claim’ you were fans of his… He’s getting great reviews, and this can only be a chance for him to grow as an actor. He’s not going to do ‘kiddy’ films for the rest of his life. WHAT did you expect him to do? A remake of ‘Return to Witch Mountain’?! Im not even that big of a fan, but I did feel the need to say something after reading such horrible comments. If you really are a fan of someone, then just support them and dont damn them to hell if they do something in their career that you might not morally approve of. Its horribly judgmental. No one should be criticised for growing up….

  232. dan please, send me your photo whithout clothes n daniel-radcliffe-naked.video.ok

  233. I wait 4 days future.

  234. why did he naked 100%
    oh i like this picture

  235. Dan..what your purpose of life?
    for money?,yourself?,sex?,women?,your generation? or other?
    for what you live in this world?

  236. hey paulette u idiot hes not stuck up and hes not the one who put the picture on the internet. i agree w miguel, hes not going to do return to witch mountain, and im not the biggest fan either, but seriously just cuz u saw harry potter before doestn mean hes going to be a teenager tryign to defeat voldemort forever. the 7th movie is nearly here! which hes already 17 in that one…just calm down losers.

  237. yh ppl are right when they say he is widening his career options within acting, getting some experience and he IS daniel radcliffe NOT harry potter, i would also like to say happy birthday to him for the 23rd happy 18th !!!!

  238. sorry i meant 20th lol

  239. sorry i meant 20th lol
    it is my cousin who is 18 lol
    my appoligies dfaniel

  240. oh lala ;)

  241. wtf is up with you people? if you don’t like that daniel played this role,keep that to yourself…nobody is forcing you to watch this…
    after all,being nude is something that should be natural…we are born nude,adam and eve lived half of their life naked…so wtf? if he has no trouble showing his body, then why do you even bother complaining?
    nobody forces you to get nude in public and I’m sure daniel didn’t upload this picture so stop being children and accept the fact that DANIEL is not HARRY.

  242. Oh my god!! I love Daniel to bits but he’s sort of ruining it by getting naked for the cameras
    !! I still love you daniel but why’d ya do it ? Just think about things a bit more! No matter what cha
    do I still love you for ever since your first film of harry
    potter !! I <3 U !

  243. i love daniel soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh dat i cant bear and see all these nonsense please stop u people posting this and daniel i never thought that ull do such a bad thing please stop it.loveee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much

  244. ma genijalen je. ne kenjajte tolko. XD He’s great.

  245. he really is. :)))) I bet ya all are just jealous…

    It is rare to see him one day to the next TO CHANGE: FIRST CHILD IS DOING surplus and the other is a boy doing a TOTALLY CHANGED ESEN nude

  247. Wtf Dan….!!!

  248. *eeeep*

  249. ok seriously… how old are you guys? you act like this is so gross when the truth is that half of you are probably getting naked for your bf or gf right now! you all act so innocent but your not. there is absolutley nothing wrong with this. think of all the other actors and actresses that have posed nude or even for playboy? but because he was 17 when this was taken that makes it wrong? O HELL FUKIN NO! IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GO FUCK SOMEBODY AND SEE HOW YOU FEEL AFTER! SOME PEOPLE LIKE BEING NAKED LET THEM BE IF THEY WANT! for those who are still virgins…i see where you coming from but its not your place to judge him for this. if you dont like the pics THEN DONT LOOK AT THEM. JUST SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE! Dan the play was good but dont let stupid discourage from doing something you like.

  250. oh no, this picture is not so clear, i mean i can see properly except the but and body, maybe it it is not dan SO I WILL SAY nothing.

  251. Everyone complaining about him being naked on stage or going ‘LIEK OMG EWWW DON’T SHOW YOUR THINGY!’ or whatnot. Please, grow up. If you are underage or not mature enough to handle that Daniel’s taking a risk by going on stage naked, don’t click on the links to the pictures and start complaining about it. It’s a big step to take for him, coming from his Harry Potter ‘boy-hero’ roots and emerging into a more coming of age show. Being naked on stage is an absolutely normal thing in the theatre arts. It’s a form of artistic expression.

  252. o ne lan öyle şahsen daniele yakıştıramadım o dime siktirbok neyse bayyyyy

  253. Equus is thouroughly thought-provoking, challenging and great play to be a part of. I myself am going to be playing Alan Strang (the naked guy for all you ignorant posters) in a future production and am very proud to be portraying such an interesting and complex character. I admire Daniel Radcliffe for taking on the role and Peter Firth even more so for imortalizing the role in the 1977 film version. Oh no, I haven’t stopped some of you from watching Spooks now have I? All those of you who say you are sickened by this, grow up, either read the script or go away. Dan certainly doesn’t care about your narrow-minded opinions.

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  255. Dear God, people do your research! If you had taken the time to even Wikipedia it, you would know that “Equus” is a revival of a Tony Award winning play! You call being on Broadway harmful to his career? He just doesn’t want to be typecast as a schoolboy. As many have said, he is NOT Harry Potter and that is one of the things he wants to prove to people by doing this- that he can take a more interesting and complicated role than a teenage boy in a fantasty movie. Also, HE did not post these online, clearly someone at the show took the picture and put it on the internet. All of you saying “oh, he’s so disgusting and sick!!! it’s his thingie!!” you sounds like you’re eleven or twelve, please mature a little more before posting your opinion publically.

  256. i agree totally with all of the people who commented on this who posted their opinion on how professional he really is for doing this. My opinion, it takes real guts and bravery to go on stage and play a serious role nude. It is not a big deal. No bigger than Kate Winslet being nude on Titanic. I applaud Dan for being such a brave actor! This play really meant a lot to him and he said he really enjoyed doing it. I think that is all that really matters. Put yourself in his shoes and imagine someone making fun of your profession when they have never done it. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right. Dan has taken his career to the level he has wanted to live it. I say please keep your opinions to yourself if you have never been in there shoes. Support him for doing this and Achieving it with bravery!! Go Dan

  257. equus ne demek bilen varmı?ben bilmiyorum şahsen ayrıca DAN hiç yakışıklı değil benim abim daha yakışıklı bir kere adı çıkmış

  258. That is bad, i think he sort of just ruined his carrier because of what he did on stage. Its just not like him at all. I would never ever in my life think that he would ever do that kind of thing. It somewhat disgusted me. I think he really should have thought of what he did. I mean look at him before he did that. Through the Harry Potter movies. Do you ever think that he thought he would go absolutely nude on stage in the next like 5 or so years. I personally think it was a huge mistake and it wasn’t the best discussion to choose for himself. He was a role model to me when i was younger and now i feel so ashamed of myself. He was one of the most popular actors at a time. That just ruined his full acting life i think.

  259. That is bad, i think he sort of just ruined his carrier because of what he did on stage. Its just not like him at all. I would never ever in my life think that he would ever do that kind of thing. It somewhat disgusted me. I think he really should have thought of what he did. I mean look at him before he did that. Through the Harry Potter movies. Do you ever think that he thought he would go absolutely nude on stage in the next like 5 or so years. I personally think it was a huge mistake and it wasn’t the best decision to choose for himself. He was a role model to me when i was younger and now i feel so ashamed of myself. He was one of the most popular actors at a time. That just ruined his full acting life i think. Even though he should make his own decisions he made a bad one. Look at him years ago. As Harry Potter he was amazing, now he goes nude in public, its almost like walking around nude in the streets of a city. I know he will regret doing this a couple years from now.

  260. He has not ruined his career, he took on a role, that most of you, would not dare to do. Look at caldendar girls, 50+ women getting their kit off, ON STAGE. Why, performing a complex and diffcult role has that dimished his career? because it demanded him taking his kit off? If anything, anybody who saw this production of Equus will tell you how well he performed, if anything, causing so much controversy and acting so well, will boost his career. Actors are actors, he is not JUST harry potter.
    If you people are so disgusted by this, you must have searched his naked pictures. If anything, that is perverted, not him.
    I respect him for being brave and doing it, the majority of the population must disagree with you, because harry potter 6 does just as well at the box office, if not better!!

  261. Some People that have commented on here are really stupid. First thing Daniel Radcliffe didn’t post the pictures himself so why are people blaming him. He took the part because he wanted to show his abilities as an actor and not just as Harry Potter. Also whoever said that he didn’t need to be in that “Play Thingy” because of Harry Potter is an idiot. Being in a Play and Being in a Film is completely different. He wanted to prove to himself and others that he can do both fantastically well. He also “went through the motions of sex” and said that “when your onstage with 100 people watching there’s nothing sexy about it.” So what are you on about? Finally he took the part to get away from Harry Potter and just because he’s naked in the play doesn’t make him gross or sick. it makes him extremely brave! A lot of people wouldn’t have the guts to take on a role that challenging! I’d like to see some people that have slandered Dan on this website try it.

  262. In short i Support Wain’s comment :) Well done Dan! Does anyone actually realise that Dan doesn’t read stuff about himself in the press? So why are alot of these addressed directly to him?

  263. All the guys that have something to say about it why are you looking at it. you must like is bc you commented on his nude pics so you had to look at it. You can lie but you know you like it and if it were you, you would do it for the money. So shut up.

  264. hello…
    I wanted to ask…
    If anyone has this video (equus)..?
    please send to : amalok_bro@yahoo.com
    ok.. tnx..

  265. whoever is posting these effing pics, STOP, i hate it. it’s bad enough dan is getting older, but this is just, BLECH.
    if anyone out there is good friends with dan, make sure he stays healthy and doesn’T smoke or drive into a tree. seriously, it’s freaking me out. i’ve read too much and watched too much about drugs and smoking due to health class and the outcome is just scary.

  266. u guys r sick he could do what ever he want ur not in charge of him u know let him live his life oh and by the way u guys have to get a life too

  267. sexy gostosoooooo

  268. give to me iééé camon

  269. don’t trust the people who post that picture. he is just jealous of daniel radcliffe that is why he is posting that. and to you who post it your such a fucking man with nothing on earth can do!!! you shit!! por pabor ayulan mi aplastar……..

  270. And by the way it’s my birthday tomorrow>>>>>>>february 26, 2010>>>>

  271. lol that was my little sisters birthday^

  272. oh no i can’t believe it . but i like it.

  273. I Must Say that is not Daniel Radcliffe, it’s Alfie Allen, Dan’s co-actor in Equus… if you want to see it heres the link

  274. have a nice

  275. oh my god, can everyone just get over this?
    everyone who’s disappointed in him for doing this is really stupid. it’s a play, it’s not like he came out with a sex tape. he’s trying to branch himself out as an actor. who cares that he was nude? are you all really that immature? it’s fucking art.
    some of these comments don’t even make sense either.

    seriously people, grow the fuck up.

    • THANK YOU. It’s freaking ridiculous that people can have such a negative aspect on something so… not bad. It’s no big deal, people, so get over it. I’m sure everyone’s done something in their lives 10 times as bad as this. And since when is it your job to critique a person, and judge them in such a horrible way by a single nude scene? Big freaking deal. You’re earning yourself just as much hate as he is getting right here. People need some serious help…

      • dan .i was totally shock at it first believing he was that person but dan has nothing to do with it he never done anything wrong the hell with person who took the pic OR BETTER YET GO TO HELL!!!!


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