Radcliffe’s replacement?

The Mirror is reporting that Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives will replace Daniel in Equus in London when Dan’s run is over.

The Mirror’s “spy” (read as “Jesse’s management”) says “”Jesse is a massive talent and it would be great for him to make his West End debut in Equus.”



~ by scribbulus on April 11, 2007.

9 Responses to “Radcliffe’s replacement?”

  1. that !@#$%^& how could they replace daniel he’s sooooooo good i saw the play he was wow just wow again that !@#$%^&

  2. never that will never happen

  3. @&$%· why dan is so hot in this play how cn thy replace him !!!! fk

  4. dont show this picture[sex]

  5. i love you daniel

  6. i reckon its best that jesse takes ova coz people may find it offenive that daniel is taking these roles coz we all know as harry potter this may cause harry potter fans to turn away from it , parent may find that they dnt want there kids watching it anymore , this couls devalue “harry potter books, movies ect.” and people may turn away from it in the other hand he does look very hot but maybe not the right choive to take the role stick to movies and harry potter.

  7. yukk.
    Its his choice to persue theatre
    and from what Ive heard he does a damn well good job in this play.
    even though he takes his clothes off
    he WILL NOT loose his fan base
    this is Daniel Radcliffe we’re talking about
    we have nothing to worry about
    and neither does he

  8. How the FK could they replace Daniel is is super fine. he could make the sun MELT. thats how HOT he is. HOE FKIN RUDE!!!!!!

  9. Are you that obsessed about me? You smell!

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