Daniel wants naked waxwork of himself.


Rumour has is that Radcliffe delights in his naked self so much he has commissioned Madame Tussauds to create a £150,000 waxwork of him nude, from Equus, as a gift to himself for his 18th birthday. What a way to celebrate your foray in to adulthood and maturity – sinking cash in to an oversized candle in the shape of a naked boy. What a great chat up line though – “Yeah, they made it smaller to cut costs…wanna see the real thing?”

Anyway. Don’t get excited, it won’t be viewable by the public – it unfortunately wouldn’t withstand the heat of a thousand over-excited fangirls.


~ by scribbulus on July 30, 2007.

21 Responses to “Daniel wants naked waxwork of himself.”

  1. first! he’s a smelly pooper.

  2. let him do whatever he wants its for his 18th birthday! you don’t turn 18 every year ya know!

  3. hahahahaha omfg there’s NO way that’s true
    I think i’m going to die from laughter…who the hell came up with this???

  4. And he said all he wanted for his eighteenth was things you spend about ten pounds on–CDs, DVDs, and books! Then again, if I was a multi-millionaire with abs of steel, I might be tempted as well.

  5. WTF Noway! Do you know any one who knows who Daniels girl friend is. Other wise he is so open to all of the other girls around the world. So he better be pretty f`in fast. if ya know what i mean

  6. eww, why would he want a statue of himself naked, he’s have to see it everyday… daniel’s too obsessed wit his body, eww, but he’s still hot, hehe

  7. i can’t believe

  8. whatever

  9. hell, that line would work on me…in fact…anything he’d say would…im so pathetic.

  10. ben daniela aşıım ama bunu ona hiç yakıştıramadım!!!!

  11. hello daniel radcliffe how are you friend? can i be your friend? i am from burma but i am not burmese i am mon nationality.i love harry potter movie very much.

  12. Ha ha ha! Do we know who made this ‘rumour’ up. I’m sure Dan would find this extremely funny!!!!

  13. oi es muito fixe, é bom falar cntg por mail. es lindo dan

  14. Gosh he’s normal believe it or not, let him do what he wants, leave him alone. He won’t be able to do anything with fans like you people!

  15. purely nonesense!

  16. He so F-A-T !!H has body odour! Ask him to shower!

  17. um…wierd this rumors probably not tru and he’s scrawny ewwww but whatever if he wants a wax statue of himself naked for his 18th then it’s ok w/me i mean he already has a harry potter butter statue what more does he need?!!!!

  18. he prob only wants it so he can get out of bed and shag it every morn!!!
    he is totally obsessed with his body, not to mention he is a pedo!

  19. What’s the point!?! He gets to look at his naked body every day in the mirror! So… why would he want another one of him to stare at!!! Even though, If he gets 1 I bet his house maid would b happy 2 dust his ‘thing’!!!

  20. duuudeee yoooooooooo

  21. <3 it!!

    mr. hotmess

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