More photoshoppedness…

On the topic of photoshopped pictures, there’s this picture of Emma Watson floating around right now – click me! – claiming to be a Chanel ad featuring her. Needless to say, it’s as fake as you can get. Nice try.


~ by scribbulus on July 31, 2007.

11 Responses to “More photoshoppedness…”

  1. yep

  2. Haha lol

  3. So what?

  4. i think she looks really pretty!! she always does…it doesnt really look fake to me, i dont see the photoshoppedness…

  5. Mrs Grint, it’s not the photo that’s fake, it’s the fact that its got the word Chanel in it, obviously claiming to be a Chanel ad, when it’s not.

  6. It’s fake because if it WERE real, she wouldn’t be wearing Christian Louboutin shoes; she’d be wearing Chanel shoes.

  7. hei you stole my name :O

  8. haha! love the louboutins!!! If theyr gonna go to all that trouble u’d at least think they would have changed the obvious colour of the soles!

  9. thats funny but i have seeen much much worse

  10. You know, if you guys didn’t take this picture, i wouldn’t be saying anything right now. About the shoes, does it actually say somewhere that they are by Christian Louboutin? I didn’t think so. So you guys shouldn’t open your mouths unless you actually work with CHANEL and know that this picture is lay on.

  11. dUH ITS A FAKE BUT ITS STILL A GOOD PICTURE!!! but whatever im going to the Tom felton & Rupert Grint part of the site

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