Random tidbits…

It’s been a slow few days for Potter gossip. We’re totally not interested in posting up transcripts of chats that you can get at any old HP site, where’s the fun in that? So. We thought we’d post up a few links to some stuff we really should have reported on during our absence just in case you missed it.

Emma Watson’s Upskirt shot!
For those who missed Emma Watson flashing her panties and making most of the male population squeal in excitement and stop the tape, rewind, pause and screengrab – here’s one of those screengrabs:


Daniel Radcliffe’s drunken birthday celebrations!
So, he’s finally 18 and legal to drink so…he does. And does it in a spectacular fashion requiring a minder to hold him upright after a night out in Soho.


Daniel Radcliffe is happy to have sex with girls who are only interested in him because of his fame!
Hehe, The Bosh kind of take Dan’s quote form Epire magazine a little too literally, resulting in this glorious piece of journalism: click me!

…and for a bit of fun…

Rupert Grint dress up doll at Stardolls!
We just stumbled over this recently and it amused us immensely. You can now dress up a Rupert Grint ‘paper doll’ online and it’s horribly addictive. Here’s our Farmer Rupert and the link: click me!



~ by scribbulus on July 31, 2007.

8 Responses to “Random tidbits…”

  1. Lovely update! I’m so psyched to have Scribbulus back :)

  2. Aww, bless you! and thanks :D

  3. Lol Farmer Rupert hehehe

  4. that is one damn sexy farmer!

  5. Not sure if Emma MEANT to flash for the cash (love that sayin! Means publicity stunt and YES i made it up so :P) so dont diss her too much. If she did then GO GIRL! PARTAY LIKE ITS YA BIRTHDAY!

  6. btw love her hair!

  7. the sad thing is i did the rupert paper doll before i saw this post

  8. I did the R.P doll so much fun and really addictive how do you guys find this stuff whatever it ROCKS!!!!!

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