“So, er, wanna go to the Yule Ball?”

No clue where this little photoshopped picture originated from but credit to whoever made it – it made us laugh a lot – and no credit and angry fist shakes to whoever scribbled “wtf” over it and destroying all sense of subtlety.


~ by scribbulus on July 31, 2007.

29 Responses to ““So, er, wanna go to the Yule Ball?””

  1. Also, the whole seamus and ron legs are messed up. what looks like ron’s right leg looks like it should also be seamus’ left one. am i alone in seeing that? and yeh, the wtf! and circle is stupid…

  2. how dare they. honestly, Dan used to have a grilfriend. idk if they even broke up…i think they did, but still thats just stupid. and yeah i see the whole ron and seamus’ leg thing too…

  3. I absolutely looooove this, I didn’t even realise it was photoshopped at first and was like O.O LOL but it’s SO funny, makes me laugh every time I look at it! XD

  4. Ron’s face fits aswell lol, but i would be very pissed off if someone did something like that to me and the whole leg thing, ron just has a big leg and you cant see seamus’ leg behind it, ’tis all!

  5. Good try,im not believing that..

  6. ahahah.

  7. that is soo funkee

  8. lolz. i saw this pic b4 and didnt know it was photoshopped till now. it made me laugh sooo hard. wut is up with ron/seamus’s leg, lolz? why would sum1 write wtf and circle it, ya know/ it would have been much much funnier if someone just came upon this pic and noticed it, lolz. peace pplz. <3333

  9. Ron’s pissed off at Harry cause of that. Lol, made me laugh!

  10. LOL!!!! that is so funny i see the leg thing 2 but it might be because of rons big leg” sexy” but whatever i love rupert grint his face totally matches stupid photoshoppers oh well its still funny RUPERT IS NOT GAY just saying

  11. hahaha that’s what guys from london are like.. too queer.. need 2 be more like aussie guys!

  12. haha that there is MESSED big time!

  13. haha i do agree wtf how could someone ruin the subtlety of it tsk tsk tsk

  14. i looked at it..
    and i was is that real?
    i was thinking…
    i know they told us about dumbledore..but harry and ron?
    they i clicked on it…
    it made me laugh soo hard..lol
    its the hole face expresson to go with it..
    whoever did this is now my best freind..

  15. very nice pictures and clippings

  16. harry isnt injured in this scene. dugh

  17. That is so fun. “WTF!” ruined it, yes, and … omg, it lookes like Ron’s puttinghis hand on Seamus’s leg insdead of his. (Sorry, I just had a brainfart and can’t remember how to spell insdead). Totally hilarious!

  18. lol

  19. Lol with that scar and the blank expression harry looks like a peado and ron is reeeeaaalllyy pissed with him… BUT yes many of u saw the ron and seamus leg but look at rons arm
    seamus is getting touched up by ron
    ron is being touched up by harry
    ron is then mad at harry for moving in on his turf…


    Harry touches up ron thinking ron is a kid
    ron shows he aint innocent by touching up seamus and seamus is loving the attention

  20. actually scrap the whole seamus is loving it.. in fact hes probably thinking “Oh god not again! Why do i always sit next to the peado?!”

  21. this turns me on :P i masturbate over this

  22. omg WTF that gay!!!???

  23. Ele destruiu os meus sonhos de casar com ele
    Bom agora eu vou DAR UNS PEGA NO RUPERT GRINT :B

  24. He destroyed my dreams to marry him
    Well now I’ll give some handle on Rupert Grint: B

  25. Because you have to be gay harry potter I was very fond of You I’m your fa
    I’ll invite Harry to dance to captive tiger kkk tram. Kisses for harry, emma, rupert grint.

  26. Lolz!!! i didnt realise it was photoshopped at first, but i thought it was a movie error or something . . . . anyways Rofl!!! funny/creepy/wierd/wrong pic!!!

  27. noo me importa sho lo amoo :)

  28. LoL !! It’s Clear ! This Pic Is Fake ! How didn’t you notice that ?? :))

  29. Good Montage

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