Dirty OldMan


Apparently Daniel Radcliffe is basing his love life on sex tips from Gary (Oldman).

Instead of discussing their acting and upcoming scenes during the filming of the last film Gary n’ Harry were too busy discussing the importance of getting along with your girl friends parents and naughty girl stuff.

Radcliffe said “Gary did give me a few really good pieces of advice about girls that I’m definitely going to stick to.

“One of them was that you’ve got to find out if they get on with their parents, which is a good rule of thumb.

“I can’t repeat the rest. It was a private moment between myself and Gary!”

Nod. Let’s take a closer look at this one. Mr Oldman’s track record makes him a perfect mentor when it comes to relationships. Every single partner ran away screaming from this man;

Donya Fiorentino (photographer; married on February 16, 1997; divorced on April 13, 2001), Uma Thurman (actress; born on April 29, 1970; married in October 1990; divorced in 1992), Lesley Manville (actress; born on March 12, 1956; divorced).  Youch.

Yup. This guy sure knows what he’s doing when it comes to romance. Good luck, Dan.


~ by scribbulus on August 6, 2007.

11 Responses to “Dirty OldMan”

  1. Ha Ha Harry Potter talking dirty with Sirius!! That is HAlarious!!!

  2. Right now it’s 7:42 pm where i live!!!

  3. I live in America in the south(Kentucky)!! I’m not a hill billy and i don’t date my family members. Even though my cousin is kind of cute.. lol(not kiding he is HAWT!!)

  4. Hehe, yes a perfect mentor (not)

  5. arrghh daniel radcliffe scares the shit outta me

  6. but everyone knows that dan is really a virgin – despite what he may hint at in interviews.

  7. maybe that was the only reason gary gave him the “tips” ….cuz he’s a virgin!!!! ahhahaa jks jks

    well…actually i’m serious.

  8. awww….bless now dan is gonna end up just like gary
    personaly if i was dan id not listen to a word gary told me about romance id just pretend i was listen ing

  9. yeah perfect guy to take tips from (saracasam) and does Dan really need them any girl in the U.S would go w/ him but whatever i’m more of a Tom Felton Rupert Grint person myself

  10. He would run away from me screaming! “Help!” LOL!!!!

    I love you Gary! x

  11. Gary seems like a womanizer so it might not be the best for Daniel to do.

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