Bonnie pot head pic – just for fun.

This picture from rears it’s ugly head once more causing mass hysteria! I she smoking pot or merely reading a slip from a fortune cookie? It’s pretty old but we’ve ressurected it for you to decide amongst yourselves. Most creative explanation of what she’ s up to gets a cookie.


~ by scribbulus on August 8, 2007.

53 Responses to “Bonnie pot head pic – just for fun.”

  1. As for explanations, I am at a loss…I’m too busy wondering: what the hell is she wearing?

  2. haha honestly, its the most hideous thing ive seen.

  3. Because I simply refuse to believe the alternative (kicking and screaming), the paper slip must be the receipt from when Bonnie purchased her lovely um, nightshirt, and it reads: “Thank you for shopping at Vintage ‘r Us! Please note that this shirt should not be worn by a) redheads or b) people wearing a very violent shade of purple nailpolish”, and Bonnie is like oops!

    …that’s obviously it. Can’t be anything else. Can’t be. Shhh.

  4. dont be so oblivious. it could be pot..sad part is.. practically every teenager does it. wouldnt be that much of a shocker

  5. That isn’t Bonnie Wright! If it is, omg she’s lookin rough.
    If the pic is old, why does she look like that, I mean, she looks like that NOW, but not so rough, she looks hot now like always, but she didnt look like that a while ago…

  6. Awww leave the poor girl alone (even though she does look like she lives on the streets) everyone looks rough every now and then, it’s probably just a ciggy

  7. Ash!!! poor

  8. seriously ppl, leave her alone, she actually doesnt look that bad, i think she looks kinda innocent ie cute

  9. haha, obviously, she’s not bonnie wright…

  10. oh god… can you just stop saying that things, she’s beautiful there’s anything wrong with her!

  11. ya i think she looks absolutely fine

  12. I think so too.And the dress is really stylish, I guess you people aren’t in to fashion.

  13. you SAD, SAD people! hu cares what shes wearing! you probably dont look half as gorgeous as her even on her bad days! and since when have there been rules about red hair???? you must have such a boring life if you comment on things like nail polish and stuff – i mean, maybe she forgott to take it off the day before?

  14. Jeez sorry… btw I’m a massive Bonnie Wright fan, I was actually joking about her clothes, I’m a redhead myself and was always told not to wear that colour… I never really knew why, I don’t see that it clashes, but then again I have no sense for these things… and as for the pot, well I think it’s sad so many ppl think it’s not so big a deal because “all the cool kids are doing it”.

  15. scribbulus ur gay

  16. I like the way she looks.
    its not cookie cutter.

  17. if you look on the counter in the background you’ll notice a 10cc syringe and a small glass vial. by the look on her face, i’d say that the vial contains methadone or some other type of synthetic opiate

  18. Also looks like a very unclean fishtank, doesn’t it?

  19. […] Premiere MESS! Oh, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, darling. Why must you make our job so easy? In our last Bonnie post, 90% of you ignored the subject at hand and merely ranted on about her ugly clothes, poor […]

  20. Listen, if it IS pot or a ciggie or nefin else bad, she wouldnt take it infront of that half headed thing that is desperatlety tryin to get into the pic. As for her looking rough, PPL R ALLOWED TO BE ILL! As for her clothes, she can wear whaty she wants! She is one of the innocent HP stars and in my books can get away wiv nefin. The little white thing is probs just a receipt. BONNIE ROX!


  22. okayy, yaa i agree with the people who think, who cares what she wears with her hair color, and the nail polish she got on and for the fact on pot, i agree with “Rach xx” and HELLO! last time i heard pot didnt have a 90 degree/ right angle so it is probly some kind of paper…

  23. LOL you people are complete dumb asses! I bet who ever runs this site paid a shit load for this picture. That could be anything! It could be a note she is just folding back up. This is ridiculous! Anyone who immediately assumes that’s MJ is just a fucking prick looking to bash celebs. Fuck off people!

  24. def not a joint, most likely paper, and her outfit is prob a dress not a night gown you just cant see the bottom, and i think it looks fine

  25. definetely look’s like she’s rolling a joint – but really, who cares?

  26. okay this does not look like she is reading…..and who says that what she is rolling has to be dope it might just be rollin tabacco look im not sayin smoking is rite but id rather her be rolling tabacco tahn weed

  27. Not rolling weed look at the way her fingers are positioned and who is the other person in the pic can somebody tell me? and about the dress whatever what do you guys where at home hmmm? i see the vial but im not seeing the syrenge and if there was 1 i wouldnt care it could be for anything & the fish tank is’nt dirty it’s just the lighting. leave bonnie alone even though that pic made me laugh SCRIBBULUS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. she is looking at the tag she cut off the back of her shirt if thats even her

  29. nOOOOOOOOOO. god no!

  30. it looks like a piece of paper to me and so what if she doesnt have the best fashion sense i like her i dont now her but she seems nice and the thing is i think its okay to try it as long as it once its better that way but it looks like she’s reading something on a peice of paper
    P.S. where does she buy her clothe just curious?

    • Piece of paper = rizzla. Wonder why she doesn’t use CBO… Must be pretty fresh.

  31. Ok if there is a syringe and a clear viyl then maybe it’s humulin (diabetis meds u know insulin) maybe she has diabetes I have it but i dont take insulin but i know what it looks like cause my dad uses it

  32. who cares, and to set things straight, weed is not like people think. it doesnt make you a bumbass, it doesnt impair your ability to do things, and although it is harsher smoke than tobacco, tobacco is far more dangerous because who smokes as many joints a day as they do cigs. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” Bob Marley

  33. Can We Worry About her NOW,people?

    I do not want her to turn into “Lindsay Lohan 2.0” on us!

    Reassure me that she will not,please!

    On a more positive note:casting decisions wise,i fail to find her miscasted for the role of Ginny Weasley,do you want to know why?Quote from iceman in Marvel:Ultimate Alliance
    “Because she’s really hot,and i don’t want her to be!” Unquote Now!

  34. Anyways,when i read the harry potter novels,when i thought about ginny weasley,i felt that harry should at least CONNSIDER going out with her at some point in his life!

    But when i watch the movies,I don’t know why,but,SOME part of me was asking, “Why hasn’t Harry BOTHERED to consider doing rather dirty things with her that would be brought up in M-Rated Fanfiction?” I know i did not get that kind of reaction from reading the novels!

    I think that this has mostly to do with Miss Wright here,for whatever naughty thoughts i am receiving!

    she must be a rather hot lady if this is happening to me!

    that might also be the fault of the Movie crew here,so it goes like this:A Hot Lady+The moments in which it looks like Ginny wants to bear Harry’s Children+Naughty thoughts=A shocked dude typing to you all of this!

    I did not receive thoughts like that in the First 6 Novels!(the 7th one is debatable,because there was the start of one of the chapters of the 7th novel,in which ginny might have tried to give harry her ‘First Time’!)

    what the Hell is up with the picture?Has bonnie wright gotten TOO HOT for someone like Ginny Weasley as of late?

    or it’s something else going on here?

  35. ..whatever bonnie was doing,shes just bein herself..and who said THATS NOT BONNIE?!! ive seen it in other bonnie-related sites,and ITS OBVIUSLY HER,and about whats she’s wearin..dont comment,its not a preniere,its a private photo..[ not nnow,cuz its in the net,ya know]..well..that’s what i luv about bonnie..she’s not tryin to be somebody just to impress ..

  36. Ok late as hell, but bear wit me, jus got outta count andcatchin up on things, jail will do this. anyways, look at how the paper is slightly grayish in a perfect gum line across top of paper. it’s a rollin paper, no doubt about it. Not a cool kid, i’m a grown man, but i smoke so i know. Not rolled cigs though, i would hope after what like 6 movies, she’d have enough money not to be smokin tops. if she don’t. somebody pay that damn girl. So it better be the weed. as for thew “syringe” it’s perfume bottles and another rolley. still hot though, and i heard she 18. if she was jus closer to 25….

  37. she is obviously reading a recipe on how to bake cookies! all of you are idiots!
    plus its her own choice to smoke pot, and pot wraps are alot more see-through

  38. EXACTLY!!!
    see he knows what he is on about, all of it is noticable!
    and also just cuase she doesnt look like how she is in the movies doesnt mean shes down or whatever, someone obviously does her hair for harry potter!

  39. actually, theres this stuff called BC powder, that comes in a wrapper that looks almost like rolling paper. it’s for headaches.

  40. its a rolled cigarette and the paper is rizzler

  41. You know, I personally think that’s probably a fortune cookie paper, packet of ketchup, or something of that matter. Plus, why would you dress up just to walk aaround the house
    (or whereever she is). She’s a beautiful girl and you can’t take that away. Everyone looks rough now and then. And I don’t paint my nails every day just to match, I’ve had teal toenails for two weeks with cool designs and worn every color imaginable. SHE’S NOT SMOKING POT-IT’S NOT A FRIKIN ‘CIGGY’-AND SHE LOOKS FINE!!!!

  42. To all of you who smoke or are around smoke often: For every little whiff of smoke you lose ten minutes of your life. Think how much light you’ll never see with one cigarette. When I was three my dad was on the porch smoking. I saw a commercial for some quit stuff and I told him he needed to quit. And he did. I was a struggle but he never gave up. My grandmother died from smoking and drinking. Two of my uncles did too. My aunt and her current husbad do that as well but they aren’t dead. This is all on my dad’s side.
    And do you know how dangerous drinking is? Getting drunk is very deadly. Some people die with only a sip of an achoholic beverage (please mind I can’t spell that very well so i don’t know). You aren’t in control when you are drunk. Do you ever watch those Above the influence commercials? THEY’RE SERIOUS PEOPLE. IT IS A BIG DEAL.
    And please visit this website to see the shocking results of drinking, smoking, drugs, and such.

  43. Am I the only one that sees the guy behind the blond guy?

  44. This is way late… but the glass looking cylinder things on the bottom of the picture totally look like the mouthpiece(s) of a bong. Juss sayin….

  45. she could just be rolling a cigarette guys

  46. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, inhaalee, exhaaaa…
    Besides.. Is that even Emma Watson? And that’s no bong, dude.. That’s a glass bottle. A plastic bottle with tin foil on would’ve been intriguing.

  47. Oooo shit, how do I remove this thing! It’s all wrong!

  48. Ah, nevermind.

  49. pot is not bad its just the hype neo fascist government people give it

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