Bourne Ultimatum Premiere MESS!

Oh, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie, darling. Why must you make our job so easy? In our last Bonnie post, 90% of you ignored the subject at hand and merely ranted on about her ugly clothes, poor girl.

 Now you have EVERY right to do so.

Bonnie rolled up to the Bourne Ultimatum film premiere in London on August the 15th dressed in this monstrosity. All she needs is a cup of loose change to complete the image.


And note how no one looks interested asides from the keyboardist from Sparks in the background who clearly believes he’s spotted the Queen Mother.

Next time, Bonnie, please don’t let your grandmother dress you. Your grandmother with cataracts. The one who thinks the messerschmitts are coming every time the doorbell rings. The one used her curtains to knock up a skirt for you.

More photos below. Click for biggification and Katie Leung who dressed like a 60 year old yet managed to almost pull it off. Note: Bonnie’s wearing her “premiere shoes” again!

76111316.jpg 76112716.jpg


~ by scribbulus on August 17, 2007.

16 Responses to “Bourne Ultimatum Premiere MESS!”

  1. That one guy does seem rather frantic to speak with Bonnie. I agree that that skirt is perhaps the ugliest thing to have ever been worn. Adding insult to injury is the ratty old t-shirt. Most of the other cast members manage to look halfway decent in public, maybe they have stylists.

  2. she looks great.

  3. First saw these shots on another site and my first thought was Oh my God who dressed this poor girl! Dressing to stand out is one thing, but this is another all together!

  4. she looks bad. really bad. but we all know she can look GREAT! like at the harry potter OOTP prmere, maybe it was just an off day. well lets hope so.

  5. Well everyone has bad dressing days! Just because shes a star the paparazzi (or how eva u spell it) follows her everywhere! i must admite she could have worn something better, but everythign ahs worn som,ething that bad before. She doesnt look that abd anyway, because shes just so pretty!

  6. I think Katie’s clothes is worse!! But she can pull it off because she looks fabulous! That haircut just doesn’t do anything for dear Bonnie… :(

  7. gahh she’s an embarrassment to the redheaded nation!!! gahh at least i have a good fashion sense and I’m around her age and i’m redhead!!

  8. oh poor bonnie that is a horrible picture of her. she is such a pretty girl. but i have to say i do not like her outfit, but if she does thats fine

  9. ohh.god she does wear some awfull clothes but hey every one has thier own individual style.even if it does look like that

  10. lets hope this is just a stage or she gets a full length mirror i want 2 know if she has a stylist if so fire her bonnie is cool dont get me wrong but she needs to take a leaf out of emma or ruperts book

  11. she’sat

  12. She’s Fat

  13. well, the dress is not good looking anyway, but i still can see how beautiful she was ^_^

  14. By FAT,Do you mean P.H.A.T?

    I wonder,no matter How Hot she could possibly get,i don’t know which is less reassuring,the fact that she could get embarrased easily,or the matter that there is an off chance that She could turn into “Lindsay Lohan 2.0” if she does not watch her back?

    On the other hand,if she has ANYTHING in common with FERGIE,it’s this “She could make a burlap sack look good!”

  15. ..poor bonnie,i think THATs the worst dress ive evah seen..god,the skirt!?? its really ugly,and her shoes..ive seen her wearin tat before, i dunno where,probably in some premieres..and, her bag..ive also seen her wear tat. she’s pretty,and she could get any dress she want.she got lots of clothes,why wear that one!!?.pity.,let me just add about katie’s hair..its awful,but theyre both pretty and popular.

  16. I think she looks gr8 plus she isn’t followin acroud like all the other sheep celebs out there and I think she looks gourgeous (ohusi) in what EVA she where’s cut her some slack n as 4 the joint thing below it could be gum so leave her alone just coz she looks beta than u doesn’t
    Mean u can pick on her any replies email :-P

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