You thought Snape was greasy…?

…Well, he’s nothing compared to the Harry Potter sculpture made out of butter! This is possibly the best Harry Potter news article all year. We have no words to describe the sheer stupidity but it speaks for itself – just roll with it. “Roll with it”…”butter”….geddit?


Read full story here.

~ by scribbulus on August 17, 2007.

11 Responses to “You thought Snape was greasy…?”

  1. Its ermm. to make that wax daniel radcliffe figure more ermmm. buttery.

  2. LMAO! i herd about this…how cheesy…lovely never the less

  3. Hahaha!
    I am actually from Iowa. It isn’t as weird if you are from here, because the whole butter figure thing is a tradition at the Iowa State Fair. Every year there is a cow made of butter and then some other figure that differs each year. I saw it, I thought it was pretty sweet =].

  4. omg!!!!!!!!! thats so awsome, and yet completely disturbing if u want your mind in the gutter….

  5. very interesting, very itersting indeed. someone has way to much time on there hands…..


  7. that is soo cool…..they must of spent ages on it

  8. What was Dan’s *roll” in the film then???

    Cheese and onion!! LOL!!!! SORRY!! couldent resist that one!

  9. He’d need an awfully large slice of toast for that!!!

  10. “Vicky”:Huhh???

  11. That is soooooo cool i love Harry but now that hez made out of butter i love him even more lool

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