Emma & Tom – video

A short (18 second) but sweet video made, presumably, on someone’s mobile phone shows Emma Watson and Tom Ducker walking through a park on their recent holiday together in France.


Click the screen grab to check it out!

~ by scribbulus on August 20, 2007.

20 Responses to “Emma & Tom – video”

  1. HaHaHa,,, she’s better with tom than daniel…

  2. isn’t she only 17? going on a vacation with her boyfriend? uhm, ok…?

  3. well.. im happy for her.. she have the money to go in france.. i hope its a beautiful hotel! =)

  4. im 17 and have been on holiday with my bloke okay it wasnt as razamataz as france but it was a good holiday.if i can do it why cant she and face it she has the money so………

  5. tom ducker is gay we saw him with a bloke kissing

  6. awh i love herrrr.
    who said she couldnt go on holiday at 17 ha are you mad course she can! she’s rolling in it aswell. i bloody would!x

  7. Not at all . She should’nt have gone at least with tom

  8. hey……..
    emmmm..she is 17 thats enough and every thing deponds on her and its none of our bussiness okkk??????
    hey emm i love ur boy friend be carefull !!!!

  9. well….okay…but she’s just 17?…

  10. put the fukin video bak up you gay twat!!!!!!!!!

  11. kay who’s tom ducker? im stupid.. i thought it was tom felton.. at first, but then ducker killed the felton.

  12. i love hermione :) but it ight great actor
    if your read give a shout

  13. i love you emma charlotte duerre watson.please break with tom ducker.you can view me in your fan frienster.ireally love you.quik answer me emma.

  14. Who the Hell Cares Who I go out with! So what! I went on holiday at 17, Big Deal! And Tom is not gay. We’ve had enough *fun* to know that ;).
    Anyway, to all my fans I love you guys. :D


  16. i want meet with all of youuuuu….oh …my god…i want go to english…help me…

  17. aku selalu berharap bertemu kalian…dan dulu..aku yakin sekali…bahkan aku meyakinkan diriku bahwa aku orang paling beruntung di dunia karena suatu saat nanti akan bertemu kalian…tapi pada kenyataannya…aku kalah dalam permainan kehidupan ini…aku sering tak dapat mengalahkan diriku..dan hanya menerima hal buruk yang seharusnya tak kuterima…aaaah…tapi aku belum kalahhh…aku akan bertemu kalian….tolong aku./..

  18. its no longer working :(

  19. look to what r u doing think abt ur own respect how many guys r gonna enjoy u in ur life b careful

  20. Greetings to all!I write from Kazahstan.Emma know you very much love in Kazahstan!you simply super)))I very much respect you and your creativity.If you can answer pleas!!!

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