Grint n’ Phelps go to V.

Rupert Grint and Oliver Phelps (is it Oliver? Who can tell them apart? Aren’t they just one entity anyway?) attended the Virgin music festival in Chelmsford yesterday.


You can see some pictures of them and the far-too-tiny-for-Oliver VIP tents here. Rupert looked suitably festival-y scruffy while Oliver selected a pair of smart beige chinos for the event. Has the kid…been to a festival before?!

Sigh. What a great life it must be. Running around a magical castle, flying on brooms and camping in mini-Teletubby land tents at festivals.

~ by scribbulus on August 20, 2007.

10 Responses to “Grint n’ Phelps go to V.”

  1. hottie.

  2. mmmm hello!

  3. So cute. I love Rupert!

  4. so hott

  5. I’d like to drop some words. Cool site, thank you for this! ebony hoes

  6. he is well hott

  7. Rupert isn’t bad . He’s looking cool. This is really a very funny , interesting , cool, nice, infact informative too. Thankyou so much 4 this

  8. what they said.

    he’s hot. :L

  9. gotta like what u see, he is smokin!!! ooooowwww oooowww!!!! i’ll take a pece of that!

  10. I think they get that a lot. I was at a con where people complained they had to pay each of them for the pay-pictures. why couldn’t they just pay $20 and get both? alas, no they are two people.

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