Harry Potter musical?

The Mirror (that oh-so-reliable news source) is reporting today that there are plan for a Harry Potter musical. Casting agencies are supposedly on the lookout for a young chap to play the part of Harry.

They’re also looking for a ‘big name’ writer to write the score. May we suggest “Harry Potter – superstar! Rescued by Hagrid on a Yamaha!“?

(Apologies for the late report. We did report this several days ago but for some reason it got sent to ‘drafts’. Bother.)

~ by scribbulus on August 26, 2007.

11 Responses to “Harry Potter musical?”

  1. hmm. an hp musical.

    “avada kedavra!” *Jazz hands*

  2. Will Amy Whinehouse play Hermione? Heumm.. Micheal Bublé will surely play Harry Potter!

  3. I hope that Rihanna will play Trelonney ( cant remember how to write it)

  4. i would go see it, it sounds like a laugh

  5. i would go to see it or if they held auditions i wud goto them too for a laugh

    It would ruin harry potter completely.
    How the hell can you sing about that?

  7. I completely disagree with Meemz because everytime I read the books, I could DEFINATELY see that being turned into a musical

  8. NO!!! i dont think it should be a musical because i would go & see it & every time i would read the book or watch the movie i would see some stupid person jumping arond & singing about doing the cruciatus curse its a dumb idea.

  9. NOOOOOOO!!!!! please no musical . U’re going to lower the popularity of Harry Potter .

  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    omgomgomg, a harry potter musical would be HILARIOUS!
    i would jump around singing it all of the time, too. :P

  11. They will have to pay royalties to Potter Puppet Pals for the “Adarva Kardova” song that Voldermort sings. And sadly enough I can picture Harry’s intestines going across the stage in a Conga line for the “Ginny and Dean broke up” part.

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